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    [WTS] 2005 25ft howard bullet

    Did you just buy this recently? Thought I remember you looking for one.
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    Anyone have a countertop store or granite guy?

    That’d be awesome if you do! Largest piece is shower seat which is about 40”x15” the dam is about 6”x 29”
  3. WTR&PWR

    Anyone have a countertop store or granite guy?

    Redoing my bathroom and need a new small pieces of granite /quartz/ or marble for the shower seat, niche, and Dam. Is there a shout around LA or OC where I can pick out some small pieces and have them cut and ready to go?
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    Fuck Me . . . I Just Lost My Nephews.

    Very sorry for your loss. God speed, gentlemen.
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    Well I guess Im gonna have a lot more time for my projects.

    Looks like a Jones fracture? Read up on them but usually happens when you roll your ankle. They say you have to stay off and give extra time to heal as it gets very little blood flow in that area.
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    Cigar thread

    Padron 64 is top notch no doubt. Never tried the Ashton.
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    Cigar thread

    Tonight’s choice is one of my go to favorites. My Father the judge by Garcia & Garcia. I usually go with 5x60.
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    I dread this every time

    I had the same issue for awhile then I realized you are supposed to install one of these. Life is easy now :)
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    Cigar thread

    For a while the Arturo fuente sungrown rosado torpedos were my go to. Still love them.
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    Cigar thread

    I s I saw you doing a few hot laps around the springs this morning. Thought it was the sheriff at first.
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    Cigar thread

    We have a place on the springs but we’re out on the water. Never had an opus but hear they’re amazing. What kinda boat are you in?
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    Cigar thread

    What’re you enjoying right now? For me it’s a davidoff at the springs.
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    Rules on having an aux fuel tank.

    I used to have an auxiliary tank for a long time. I loved it. I did some research and as long as it’s diesel you can do 140gal or less and you are fine. Gasoline is a whole different story.
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    26 Howard Cat 40,000 OBO. PENDING

    What’s your deal? Guy already admitted he posted premature and will get pictures. If you don’t like how he did it then don’t buy it but no need to beat a dead horse. Dude already apologized.
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    26 Howard Cat 40,000 OBO. PENDING

    Where’s it located? I’d like to come check it out.
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    Hoover Dam Explosion

    Dang! Bushing blew clear out of the Tourette
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    Hoover Dam Explosion

    Unfortunate but it happens. They should have a spare. You shouldn’t see any effects on the customer level in any way.
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    Docking your Boat---boat content questions

    Bow in or bow out, just use fenders and tie it off properly. Maybe picture angles are deceiving but what keeps you from hitting the keel on the dock? Looks like both ropes and pulling the boat forward or close to it. Are the side ones just tied so tight it won’t move forward?
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    (SOLD) 2001 Laveycraft 27 Sabre Cat Closed Bow. Mercury Racing 575 SCI!!

    Do you know hours on motor and hull?
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    Havasu RV Garage Addition

    Looks great!