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  1. Thunderhead1

    Said goodbye to an old friend this weekend

    How did I miss that this was avail...
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    Rules on having an aux fuel tank.

    Yes, As the Wrench said , don't plumb it to feed into your main tank.... keep as an auxilary fuel station for your "equipment". then pump it directly into your tank if that is your goal. OR..... if your goal is to have additional range, SB products makes direct replacements for your factory...
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    Rules on having an aux fuel tank.

    Dont get caught with red dye in your main tank.
  4. Thunderhead1

    FMCSA trainers

    S. ure W. ish I F. inished T. raining
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    Ocean boat to Catalina?

    I wouldnt leave the breakwater with an Evinrude on the back especially if its the FITCH. If your not interested in fishing , you could pick up an older cabin cruiser that would fit the need... But CC is definetly the way to go for versatility and all around comfort.
  6. Thunderhead1

    Ocean boat to Catalina?

    your gonna want to get to the 28 to 30ft mark to carry 6 people ,gear, fuel and still have a fighting chance at the return trip after 2pm... 22ft with 6 people and gear is great for a Booze cruise in the harbor... Dont come up short out there, Its not like the river where someone will be by in...
  7. Thunderhead1

    For the Real Estate Drop in sales and price Naysayers HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS

    We just sold our home in So Cal in 1 day with multiple offers... No bidding war but we asked an elevated price for it and we got it.. I read this thread and the others like it and have opinions on both views ... safety is good if your content where you are... but also nothing ventured...
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    Alcantara vs Vinyl vs Cool Touch

    Cool touch vinyl all day long!!
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    Texas Shootout

    clutch plates slip and then the springs grenade.
  10. Thunderhead1

    Texas Shootout

    well you should put your ear closer to the ground... Mother Merc is not as bullet proof as the marketing would suggest.
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    San Diego Boaters

    I ran the same boat from Kona Kai to Newport and back down. We rolled into OSide on fumes... trolling the whole way.. that day was 1500.00 in fuel and we caught a mackrel. Talk about a kick in the balls ....that one still stings... Im guessing 1850.00 to 2000.00 in fuel. Id still go...
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    San Diego EFI guru

    D1 Performance in LHC is a Holley EFI GURU your searching for.
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    Gonna need River Dave's permission to post the evidence...

    I thought you were gonna ask to borrow his flatbed.
  14. Thunderhead1

    2021 Eliminator 40 Speedster

    I just adjusted the asking price to 550k .
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    SPAM Calls

    Pm me your number... Ill give it to the next one that calls me and you can report back to us.... 😁
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    [WTS] 2013 Bounder 36E

    the overall tip to tip length is just under 38ft added the shower pic they have above...
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    [WTS] 2013 Bounder 36E

    Bounder 36E with 46k Miles V-10 Ford Chassis KING BED!!!! Bath and half model. L shaped couch No pets / No smoking Doesn't smell like old people yet. been stored indoors and the ol'e man is retired and has nothing to do except wash and polish stuff . these pics are recent and it it really is as...
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    The future of boating

    The key features reminds me of a Bayliners standard equipment list😁
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    We final can put the OB vs I/O argument to rest.

    yep.. I deleted the comment when I realized I miss spoke.
  20. Thunderhead1

    Eliminator 40 Speedster (video).

    Looking at going to the BiG CAT poker run, I havn't spent much time on the delta but would like to get some more experience for sure! We are looking at a Big CC right now .