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  1. bilz

    Two things needed

    Looking for a exterior white caulk that actually stays white and doesn't attrack dirt. Preferably from lowes or home depot. 10" sliding miter saw. Home use. Currently have a hand down makita slide but it has no guard. Not comfortable with me or my family using it. . Recommendations?
  2. bilz

    Hearing protection

    Need something for concerts. Diagnosed with Maneres? disease and want to save what I have left. Any suggestions?
  3. bilz

    Garage Doors

    Any sellers /installers? Need a 16x7 sectional.
  4. bilz

    Who brought the monsoon back?

    High wind gusts, thunder ⚡ in Whittier.
  5. bilz

    Home Depot

    I was at the depot yesterday looking at doors in the millworks area. The lady was just about done so I asked if they do AC also. She answers yes and sets me up for an estimate. They were able to come out that afternoon. Guy shoes up, starts doing a swap meet sales pitch. As he finally gets down...
  6. bilz

    New dog

    Just got him today. 5 to6 months old. Possibly pit boxer mix. Was a stray. Neighbors found him,kept him about 3weeks,but not enough time for him. Haven't had a pup in so long.
  7. bilz

    Any LEO?

    I am at Kaiser Downey, and no fewer than 30 LASD vehicles and motors entered the lot by the Gardens and proceeded around to the ER area. Lights and Sirens, like a procession not a response. Any ideas what went down?
  8. bilz

    Truck Stolen

    A buddy's son, 20 year old, hardworking kid. This was his work truck. He had just picked up a motor for his versa(commuter car)it was in the bed. His welding gear was inside the cab.( Student at LaPuente ROP). If you see it please call police.
  9. bilz

    Topock to Havasu

    I would like to launch from Topock and just cruise the Gorge next week. What is the ramp like? Is there a better time when the water comes up? Would I be better off out if Jack Smith? What's the water like between JS and Topock? We will be trailering from Bull head. Thanks!
  10. bilz

    Power out Bullhead City.

    Small portion is out. Just happens to be where I am at. Laughlin is booked si are most motels in BHC. To tired to drive back to Ca.
  11. bilz

    Echo and Ring

    Amazon echo and ring cameras will share wifi with neighbors in 10 days. Article on 5/29. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/05/amazon-devices-will-soon-automatically-share-your-internet-with-neighbors/
  12. bilz


    First day not making the drive to DTLA in almost 34 years.
  13. bilz

    Saturn and Jupiter

    Any one checking this out?
  14. bilz

    Eastwood welders

    Anyone ever use any of the Eastwood welders? https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-elite-mp140i-multi-process-welder-mig-tig-stick.html
  15. bilz

    Home improvement question need HVAC, Roof,Stucco

    1200 sq ft home with detached garage. Need re roof, sand blast, stucco, wood work painted and the whole thing tented. Best to go separate or find a contractor?
  16. bilz

    Did you feel it?

    Small roller in Whittier.
  17. bilz

    Registration question

    About 16 years back, I gifted a utility trailer to my nephew. I believe I sent in a released of liability to the DMV. Yesterday I got the trailer back. He never transfered it to his name. I have the pink , Bill of sale(gift) that I gave him originally. Do I need to register it again to me?
  18. bilz

    Good bye little girl

    Said good bye to our little dog yesterday. She was a 15year old terrior mix. A rescue dog my wife and boys picked up. She had spirit all the way til the end. Kidney disease got her. Tough drive home from the vet. She will be missed. Havasujeeper posted Rainbow Bridge in Namba860's thread about...
  19. bilz

    Tire pressure gauge

    Looking for a good gauge for cars. Also for a filler. Tired of that H F stuff. What do you pros use?
  20. bilz

    Water in the motor.

    A friend of mine has a 2001 210, 700 hours on the 350 magnum. Water in 4 & 6. Looking for ideas and rough cost. Rebuild, go big block, or Scorpion. Looking for more top end.