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  1. TomD

    Dock Edge Mooring Whips

    Anybody use them? Good/Bad? How big are the mounting bases? Looking at 12' Whips rated for 5000 LBS..
  2. TomD

    Thread Display Options ?

    When pressing "Thread Display Options" at the bottom of the forum nothing happens. I would like to see more posts per page than 20. How can I adjust that?
  3. TomD

    Lake George boat accident- The latest

    I know this is of interest for you folks on the West coast. http://www.timesunion.com/7dayarchive/article/Jury-in-Lake-George-fatal-crash-gets-ready-to-11129139.php
  4. TomD

    RIVER DAVE ON.....

    ICE !!!!:D:tbi
  5. TomD

    Lion in side car to....

    Lion skiing. :tbi:D Awesome!!!
  6. TomD

    Dance I say....

  7. TomD

    Have you seen bubbles?

  8. TomD

    Shintoooo's first ride

  9. TomD

    Boating content?

  10. TomD

    UPDATE:Girl from Carlsbad that died on Lake George, NY

  11. TomD

    Tom Brown??? Pal O' Mine!

    :D http://newjersey.craigslist.org/bpo/5527120025.html :D
  12. TomD

    Chuck Norris...

    ...Turns 75 today or should I say 75 turned Chuck Norris today.:yikes :tbi Everybody give your best roundhouse kick for Chuck. :tbi
  13. TomD

    Why all men should carry chocolate

    Kisses are the best!:D http://vitaminl.tv/video/179
  14. TomD


    :D lol https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=541806692496290
  15. TomD


    :D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=541806692496290
  16. TomD

    RIP Dean of Motor Sports

    Chris Economaki dies at 91. RIP Chris http://news.yahoo.com/chris-economaki-dean-american-motorsports-dies-91-125627229.html
  17. TomD

    RR, Who's birthday is today?????

    Yea That's right!!!!
  18. TomD


    A few pics for the gear heads from the far east. :thumbsup :D http://photobucket.com/Syacuse_Nats_2012
  19. TomD

    2 girls 1 box

  20. TomD

    Great day ending!

    On our way out to sea for a little casino boat gambling caught this sun set. Of course my pocket got a little lighter. Good time though. :cool: