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  1. PilotRyan

    My Baker Tunnel Restoration

    Hey RDP, it’s been a long time coming but I thought I’d finally share the timeline of the ‘88 Baker I purchased in June 2020. It started as a simple Covid project with the goal to just flip it after some minor fixes. Once I finally got my hands on it I realized two very important things: 1)...
  2. PilotRyan


    Hey RDP, I’ve got a 6 day trip up to Havasu planned for late July. I’m pretty excited about it because I’ve never been and it’ll be some much needed R&R. I’m going to be bringing my Baker with me, and I kind of thought there might be a chance someone in the area has a used 175-200 HP 2 stroke...
  3. PilotRyan

    New member in Dallas - '87 Baker Tunnel!

    Hey RDP! Long time lurker but just now created an account. I purchased a 1987 18' Baker Custom Bowrider and dragged it back to Texas. Started with a dismantled interior, faded/peeling top cap, and a blown up '79 Merc 140 TOP. After a couple weeks, many hours, and a repower I got her on the...