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  1. robby dmax

    Annual boat servicing.

    I do it all in April so everything is fresh for the summer oil,filters and drive oil plus a new impeller.
  2. robby dmax

    HTM is retooling the deck of the 24!

    You put big power in most boats and they are fast.. let’s see one with a stock 525efi and see if it will run like an RPM with the same stock 525efi!!
  3. robby dmax

    Did Milkmoney quit the site?

    wow there you go again with your nasty opinion you never meet the guy. I guess nobody Taught you to keep your opinions to yourself Specially if they’re not nice things!! The old saying takes one to know one so just maybe you are right up there with him. And who uses Irl??
  4. robby dmax

    Well I'm back from the fully remodeled Banned Camp....

    He must have shown his stuff again.. just this time to RD!!
  5. robby dmax

    What would be causing this??

    I had my steps Re-powder coated by Eddie Marine I would never use them again.. I would use a local guy to me(Andrews powder coating in Canoga Park) if I was to do it again.
  6. robby dmax

    End of an era outside the Window

    just think Ross we are going to get more low income Apartments with storefronts underneath of them in place of the old farmers building. Just what we need :mad:
  7. robby dmax

    Someone change my headline please

    Looks awesome love the green!!!
  8. robby dmax

    What would be causing this??

    So you pulled the trigger then??
  9. robby dmax

    Kenwood speakers...

    It’s China’s fault bad quality control o_O
  10. robby dmax

    Kenwood speakers...

    Looks like a broken wire on the inside Of the insulation or bad crimp on the Connector.
  11. robby dmax

    What would be causing this??

    Let’s see the rest of the new boat Joe
  12. robby dmax

    Husband Advise 101

    See so he does act like he does on RDP at home also.. we all thought he was just playing a game:rolleyes:
  13. robby dmax

    Good Boat mechanic in Havasu

    3606148, member: 18995"] dont listen to that guy Eff off Dirtbag...not very nice to say don’t listen to that guy.. And this is coming from a guy that says Chris actually took his boat and tested props for you HAHA you have no idea what went on with this man ! He actually cost me half a season...
  14. robby dmax

    What’s everyone doing for cable

    Directv works great for me. Yes it is a little pricey
  15. robby dmax

    Good Boat mechanic in Havasu

    Wow nobody said Chris at PRESTIGE..now that’s the only guy in town NOT to use. So cal speed marine is probably best bet.
  16. robby dmax

    Boat sinks in havasu boat fire

    Doubt it was an impeller issue.. more likely bad fuel lines from the ethanol fuel eats it from the inside out add Little bit of fuel pressure and now you got a little pinhole.
  17. robby dmax

    The Stateline thread

    maybe he showed them his FAT ONE!!
  18. robby dmax

    The Stateline thread

    Probably not fat!!
  19. robby dmax

    Gonna show shintoooo how to do Vegas

    I wanna travel and hang with you!! Damn it baller :)
  20. robby dmax

    Best wife ever!

    you must of had one of 2FF special props on the ol girl!!