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  1. alohajeff

    Spectra 20

    I spent a few years running around Parker in a Spectra 20 Jet that my buddy still has... and that he probably wants to sell. I'd be hesitant to park any 800 - 1000hp motor package in a Spectra 20 without doing some significant structural beefing upping first. His Spectra 20 has 2 somewhat wimpy...
  2. alohajeff

    For sale, crispy 20’ spectra

    I always hate to see another Spectra bite the dust. I've got 4 extinguisher's on my prerunner and 1 chintzy one in my boat. After seeing this thread I am going to up the extinguisher size and count. Aloha
  3. alohajeff

    Ebay trailer tire combos?

    Redneck Trailer Supply is a nationwide chain that has some decent tire/wheel combos available. Don't let the name of the company fool you... Redneck is legit. I had a set of tires/wheels shipped to Idaho for the drive back to SoCal and their prices were excellent and the tires/wheels very good...
  4. alohajeff

    Spectra 32xs Build

    Nice to see the project is moving forward! Aloha
  5. alohajeff

    Best Hard Coolers

    We've got a Dometic CFX Fridge/Freeze and it has kept ice cream rock solid during a few Lake Mead trips in 100+ temps. It's under the bow so it's out of direct sunlight but it's still hot as F under there during the day. Having ice cream in 100+ heat makes me happy. It also keeps ice properly...
  6. alohajeff


    The new project... Aloha
  7. alohajeff


    I've got a 24xs with a 498" motor making 550hp at sea level. TH400 and 15% overdrive. Current prop is a 14/16 3 blade. On Lake Arrowhead the motor can't pull much past 4200 rpm which is good for around 50mph The prop however is awesome for the 35 mph speed limit the lake has. I can either cruise...
  8. alohajeff


    I got a few quotes to regel my 24' and the lowest bid that I trusted was $22k. That was a simple (original) 2 color deal that involved sanding / grinding / filling top to bottom. Could it have been done cheaper? Oh you betcha but you get what you pay for. I don't see a $7500 regel job being C+...
  9. alohajeff

    Deaver Springs

    Shoot me a private message. Aloha
  10. alohajeff

    F**K RTIC Coolers!

    I am a ONE and DONE customer of the RTIC brand. Reading this post just confirms that the terrible service I received is standard with RTIC. My RTIC customer service was awful. I've got an RTIC soft cooler that had zipper problems since day 1. I was told to USE MORE LUBE! So I used a LOT MORE...
  11. alohajeff

    Mexican 1000 off road rally (NORRA1000)

    As the driver of the #444 at the time of the "Day 4 Incident" I'd like to set the record straight on the Blackbird / Tomcat pass. The # 444 was running in clean air and sort of limping along at 60-ish MPH on a pretty smooth section of farm road. We were slowing down as we were approaching a...
  12. alohajeff

    2008 Club Car 48volt

    A mounting system that tilts the bag left / right helps with that. With a bag extension you can criss cross the bags to pull from the sides which prevents banging the clubs into the roof. Harder to do with "staff" sized bags but with a carry bag it's pretty easy. Aloha
  13. alohajeff

    Looking for a 4x4 Truck

    I don't have any pictures as I didn't have an active plan to sell it. ;) I'll take a few when the sun comes back out. Aloha
  14. alohajeff

    Looking for a 4x4 Truck

    We've got an extra 2007 GMC Yukon 4x4 in the driveway. Wife got a new one a year ago. Captains chairs in 1st and 2nd row. Seats 7 with the 3rd row seats in place OR 4 with plenty of storage in the back with the seats removed. ICON coilovers up front and Bilstein 5100's in the back. Brand new...
  15. alohajeff

    2010 Polaris "Outlaw" 90 Quad - SOLD

    Let me know. Based on the messages I am getting it looks like it will sell quick at this price. I'll update this page when it sells. Aloha
  16. alohajeff


    That mini plate over the rudder was probably installed to help prevent cavitation of the rudder. I thought about doing something similar to that plate to my 24XS but never did... my new build will have full cav plates. I don't think the radius on the transom would concern me as much as that...
  17. alohajeff

    77 Spectra 20 for sale

    Nice looking Spectra! A lower river buddy would be interested in this boat. I understand if you don't want to post a price... I will forward your number and have him text you. Aloha
  18. alohajeff

    77 Spectra 20 for sale

    55mph - Sounds like an honest Jet Bote seller! I was expecting 100mph :) Any full shots showing the gel layout? Aloha