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  1. Teague_JR

    2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium Plug-In

    Clean title in hand! JT
  2. Teague_JR

    2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium Plug-In

    Hey everyone, Up for sale is the daily driver. Titanium trim level loaded with heated and cooled seats, keyless entry/lock/unlock/start, upgraded Sony stereo and nav, adaptive cruise control, etc. 15% Window tint all the way around. 53,000 miles, good tires, no lights, serviced by me, it’s...
  3. Teague_JR

    Morel Lifter Failure?

    Hard to see but are the exhaust seats a little sunk? TCM upgrades the seats in all heads (AFR included)
  4. Teague_JR

    Morel Lifter Failure?

    28 Eliminator, Whats the engine compression? What are the AFR heads exactly? Also what intake and carb? I don't want to assume. I am basing my cam recommendation on the Mercury racing cam for the 525 and now the 520, 540, and 565. It is a step nose 610/632 and 236/244 @50 with a 114 lobe...
  5. Teague_JR

    Morel Lifter Failure?

    Hey this is John, disclaimer: I no longer work at TCM and what I say here is purely my personal and sometimes imperfect opinions.. You need to know your over the nose spring pressure (.650 down from installed height) to get the complete picture but yes it would seem those springs were correct...
  6. Teague_JR

    Morel Lifter Failure?

    Those locks do look a bit deep but as far as the float marks go (valve rotating in the retainer) they are pretty light duty. I’ve seen some blower motors floating so bad the valve tops are practically a work of art. Double check that the rockers are somewhat centered on the valve left to...
  7. Teague_JR

    Morel Lifter Failure?

    1st things first: you have the wrong intake gaskets, and they need to be thicker to move the intake up in relation to the head ports, and then the heads need to be match ported. Youre giving up big HP on an NA motor with those head ports smaller than the intake... Moving on... How many hours...
  8. Teague_JR

    High Performance Cat Insurance

    I am also EVERYTHING through state farm. My agent is Jon Sheperd in Pasadena he owns my late father in law's 22 Schiada and is a cool guy so if you're looking for a referral please use him. Anyways, its ironic they wont consider insuring an air entrapment hull but will insure my Fountain with...
  9. Teague_JR

    6-71 blower dizzy help

    Correct. You'll see horsepower go down and EGTs go up.
  10. Teague_JR

    6-71 blower dizzy help

    Black bushing and light blue springs. I mean "california" as in 91 with 10% ethanol, not good 93 or non ethanol stuff you can get elsewhere... I would SERIOUSLY recommend an intercooler, regardless of fuel. plumbing off the jet pump is super easy, unlimited cold water pressure. JT
  11. Teague_JR

    6-71 blower dizzy help

    You're going to run a roots blower with no intercooler, iron heads, and 9.2:1 compression on california pump fuel? I dont think there is a safe setting I can recommend to be honest. Keep it to 4 PSI boost and 30 degrees. Just lock it out at that point, or run the shortest/fastest curve you...
  12. Teague_JR

    2014 Mercedes CLS 550

    hey shoot me a text 818-802-7667
  13. Teague_JR

    Why the P-47 had a huge fuselage

    This is so bad ass. Thank you for sharing
  14. Teague_JR

    The grey m35 that crashed at desert storm for sale

    Negative, the original owner was driving at the time of the incident. This is the FIRST M35. It used to have satin black vinyl stripes with the DCB star. Not to be concerned with the one Maxed Out has, that was the (I think) third one, which was originally Rob Blair's boat (now owner/partner...
  15. Teague_JR

    new 39 v tooling pics from nordic

    We ran the first one with 700s at a poker run in I guess 2011... It worked great! Good looking, and the cockpit worked well, ran over 100 with actual stock 700s. I am surprised they never built more. Didnt they build two??
  16. Teague_JR

    Ventura County / San Fernando / Santa Clarita meet up

    Is this place a bar/restaurant? During the day would it be appropriate to bring my kids? Single dad life over here.... JT
  17. Teague_JR

    Twin 525 Blue Motor/Drive package coming up for sale

    I believe they do. 520/540/565 same head with the merc pattern. I want to say the newer heads are edelbrock with both patterns in them but Im not sure..... They are similar to, but NOT the same head as the 525, they are improved.
  18. Teague_JR

    Twin 525 Blue Motor/Drive package coming up for sale

    Just a little word to the wise, I think these are early 525's. Check for MLS head gaskets. If they dont have them, budget in pulling the heads. You'll need to source exhaust that can be double drilled to the 525 pattern so only CMI or the less premium OEM replacement products... Still, this...
  19. Teague_JR

    M33 450R #2

    Tony you taking this boat to LA? Love the colors and white motors. Its going to POP on the water. JT
  20. Teague_JR

    Snagged some new Jackets

    yeah that’s plausible!