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  1. Nikwho


    Peter is a super good dude! Phenomenal fabricator! Nice sand car, GLWS!
  2. Nikwho

    Stainless Bimini frame for sale

    Where's this located?
  3. Nikwho

    Misc Parts

    Where does the ski tow attach to engine? Bellhousing bolt holes? Is it chrome? Condition of chrome/any rust? Thanks, Nik
  4. Nikwho

    SS Transom Mount 4" Mufflers

    I'm interested in these. Still have 'em? Shipping expense, please? 2532 N. 4th St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004?
  5. Nikwho

    Is this flagrant abuse of carb spacers???

    LOL. Few things surprise me. I have never been exposed to one of these FE engines. I honestly don't know what to expect. Seems that the general consensus is that this is sort of a standard setup.
  6. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    That's a beautiful boat! Do you run a transmission?
  7. Nikwho

    What is needed to set up turbo 400 to a V-Drive

    When you guys speak of trans coolers, are you using just a standard tranny cooler, or are you using a heat exchanger that uses water to cool the transmission fluid?
  8. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    I can't help with a recommendation up in your area. Any good driveline shop should be able to balance it. When I lived in north county San Diego there was a driveline shop (I want to say in San Marcos) that was called Richards Rear End Repair and he referred to himself as "Richard The...
  9. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    I've watched this video many times! I love it. Thanks for making it! Lot of great boats in that vid!
  10. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    I was referencing the lower portion being exposed.
  11. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    Six year olds don't always follow what I would call "common sense", though. Just a different level of awareness needed, if the driveline isn't covered.
  12. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    Asking about basic safety risks warrants a trip to the pussification of America thread? C'mon...
  13. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    What a picture! I love it! I never thought about ski ropes and towels! Great points. Thanks guys! New high quality u-joints and a driveline balancing might be a good idea, if I get a new to me v-drive.
  14. Nikwho


    How about $120 for the Prof Products Hurricane BBC intake shipped to commercial address in Flagstaff, AZ 86004? I don't even have an oval Port BBC build going, but could stick it on the shelf and use it eventually, if that's enough to get it here?
  15. Nikwho

    Cost to rig new hull?

    I'm not saying that there is NO chance of me taking this project on. It's just a big decision. Wish there was more of these hulls out there running around. Or more info on this hull. Thanks for your help!
  16. Nikwho

    EMI Thunder manifolds

    These are for a BBC, correct? Forgive me if I missed that somewhere. I'm interested. Can you send me pictures?
  17. Nikwho

    Cost to rig new hull?

    Thank you all for your input! It's a tough call. Could be a fruitful reward, taking this challenge on. Could be a big waste of money! Might be best not to take this gamble...
  18. Nikwho

    Cost to rig new hull?

    Thank you for the thoughtful response! And lead on the outdrive. I agree with everything that you said. Lots of concerns. I was concerned with at what speed this hull would start packing air. I'm also concerned with the x dimension, as well as all other unknown factors involved. I feel...
  19. Nikwho

    Is this flagrant abuse of carb spacers???

    Thanks for the info! Seemed like kind of a home made tunnel ram attempt. Then, I started looking for a proper tunnel ram for a 390 FE, thinking that an intake swap may be in order if I ended up with that boat. Then I realized that there aren't tons of options for those engines.
  20. Nikwho

    Mission bay boating ??

    Yup, that drunken shat-show is still going on!