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    Junk tools

    If you are talking about the electric one, I have one and it has been a great saw. After the original chain wore out it was replaced with an Oregon chain and the saw is better than new. Amazing for less than $40.00.
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    This guy a member?

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    Havasu’s Best Fish & Chips???

    What's the name. That looks real good.
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    Modifying Pex piping. What tools are needed?

    Maybe Snap-on makes something that would be better.
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    Critique this boat for me………

    I can't get past the looks, not my style.
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    What stores do you miss?

    Any old time "real" hardware store. I like to handle stuff, hate plastic bubble packaging.
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    DODGERS 2022 Season thread...Road to the World Series..😃😃

    So, how much of this result is on Roberts and how much on the players?
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    BP meds , side effects

    It caused me a terrible, unrelenting cough. This was right at the time the covid scare was really getting going. Should've the looks I got from people.
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    The other CA...

    Thank you.
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    RDP help please!!! Theft

    Was it taken from your home?
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    Car shopping today wish us luck

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    LOTO Shoot Out and Supercat Fest 2022!!

    Which ever one you or your video guys are at during that time.
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    LOTO Shoot Out and Supercat Fest 2022!!

    I'd like to see video of the marina when everyone is returning from the days lake activities.
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    Safety chains worked

    Must of forgot his transom tie down straps.
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    When does solar make sense?

    Why is seven years the magic number?
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    Fucking Rona

    Force yourself to walk as much as possible. It's not what you want to do but it keeps you from getting fluid in your lungs. That leads to worse problems.
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    Is AT&T absolute garbage?

    I have AT&T service with an older IPhone and experience excellent service in most of the areas you listed.
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    Boy dog's name's ? Pic's are up

    Bennie or Barney
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    Owe Yeah!… I no longer own a home in CA… and I now own a home in NV

    How do health care services for age 70 plus people compare to southern California?