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    Input please, Home Security Cameras ??

    Nocturnal, Infrared, flashing lights, PTZ. 4k, 2k, and 1080p, etc. enough to make you dizzy- and simple to install/program and affordable... https://www.lorex.com/
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    Input please, Home Security Cameras ??

    Lorex Home. Use them at both houses and office, No monthly fees, not cloud based storage, its hard drive storage, phone app retrieve and monitoring. up to 16 cameras, wi-fi or cat 6 wired.
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    Fake Meat of the Auto Industry

    Meanwhile in Stuttgart....911 GT3 RS 2023
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    The last MRI I had 2 month ago, I found covering my eyes with dark cloth helped. It seemed as soon as they slide me in even with my eyes closed I could tell I was closing in. Think about it, close your eyes, then put you hand in front of your eyes. You can tell the differnce when your hand is...
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    I think I need a contract lawyer

    https://www.tscarterlaw.com/ Located in Claremont, Tom Carter
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    Anybody here rent out to SnowBirds?

    My Montana birds are returning as well. Never had a problem finding new ones as they seem to travel in packs. As soon as they hear someone not returning the phone starts ringing. The non returners are either health or they buy something of their own.
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    Old man doesn't care! 🤣

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!
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    Caribbean…what’s your best choice?

    USVI St. Thomas- Megans bay, Then day trip to BVI St. John
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    Solar system cost

    @BasilHayden to the white courtesy phone please….
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    Massive wave action for Kaanapali beach,

    From the Westin…
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    Massive wave action for Kaanapali beach,

    Awalua was going off a couple of hours ago. Took an hour to get to Leotas from here at Westin in kaanapali
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    Float noodle thingy…

    No it was formed U shape. Same closed cell dipped material though.
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    Float noodle thingy…

    What’s the brand of the noodle floaty thing that’s formed in U shape that has the cup holder on the end? I’ve seem them at the boat show… they were on the pricey side. Can’t remember the name or where to get them. I think they were blue in color…TIA.
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    x2 for Sean Bunk repair. I'll let him deal with striped out screws. Good work, fair price.. and left me to the drinking and floating. I'd use him again.
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    SoCal Car Shows

    San marino motor classic next month..
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    Instacart to Crazy Horse Campground

    I would think if you call the front gate and let them know they are coming and to what spot, shouldnt be a problem.
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    NEED ADVICE: Garage Air Compressor and Pressure Washer

    I recently retired my air compressor that was a hand me down from 1958. I went with a twin cylinder, oiled, belt driven Dewalt. If i have to listen to my neighbors POS oil less screaming from across the street i swear 🤬. I think its 40 gal tank, seems well built. As far as pressure washer...
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    Interesting listing in Havasu

    My pad is directly above this place in crazy horse. I dont believe that place has sewer, so you rely on the pooper truck for septic. And space rent i just undet 900 a month on that unit i beleive. And yes its very jed clampet built.
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    Fleet Card Recommendation

    We use wex. I started to switch some of the guys to fuel man,but have noticed they seem to have issues with the card not working in locations it should.
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    Web hosting and email service company

    Yesterdays fiasco is not yet fully felt, but the initial is $18000 when we left and turned the lights off. Not a lot to some of you guys but it was enough for me.