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  1. xlint89

    Hold The Line.

    I agree, more "trust the plan" to keep people from getting up off the couch.
  2. xlint89

    Best 6.5 Marine speakers

    What are you powering the speakers with? How many RMS watts? Head unit or amplifier?
  3. xlint89

    Sound Familiar?

    Fact checkers have found this to be FALSE
  4. xlint89

    Scumbag Poll

    C & D Killed a lot of people. Waiting for the Soros option for #3
  5. xlint89

    The Jan. 6th Circle Jerk

    So are you angry with Nancy leaving all the fine men in blue dick's swinging in the wind? After all she denied Trump's request for national guard I think?
  6. xlint89

    The Jan. 6th Circle Jerk

    Has anyone seen a video of a Capitol Police officer saying they were set up? Meaning they knew thy were extremely outnumbered.
  7. xlint89

    Get woke go broke part infiniti

    When "IT" finishes, is that a Her/she squirt? :eek:
  8. xlint89

    They Don’t Even Try to Hide it…

    Needs to see the damage a sword does.....
  9. xlint89

    LAPD’s Boss

    By chance, do their uniforms have brown shirts?
  10. xlint89

    Train derailment - Ohio

    Evening news was trying to spin this on Trump. They claimed he relaxed the regs on the train companies. LOL Where's that $$ from the infrastructure bill? Clowns...
  11. xlint89

    Train derailment - Ohio

    It seems every time the .gov conducts an exercise, a tragedy seems to follow soon after.
  12. xlint89

    Nothing to See Here

    Da fuq is up with all this red background shit? Friggin Stupid bowl was mostly the same way too.
  13. xlint89

    California's newest way to screw you: Pickup truck owners beware

    Losing a lot of $$ on gasoline tax. And with their push to EV's, it's only going to get worse. Hence the reason for the weight fees, the usage/mileage fees, and at least here, raised cost for registration on the EV's/hybrids.
  14. xlint89

    Triggered...then vs. now

    One's mad because it was prob called a her. The other's mad because the country is being destroyed from within. Nice comparison commie.....
  15. xlint89

    The Voter Fraud Thread

    I don't want him to run either. I want him to bike. For all you clowns "ridin' with Biden"
  16. xlint89

    Los Angeles approves new renter protections, including relocation costs for large rent increases

    Not around here. All the slums were demolished and replaced with BRAND NEW town home/condo housing with energy star appliances.