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    Hotel coffee

    The Tru we stayed in had unlimited coffee, tea, hot water in the lobby. Salt Lake.
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    Best Breakfast in IE

    At Flo’s, order your food SOS style, smothered with extra gravy and sausage over the top. It is bomb.
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    RDP BrainTrust Help Wanted

    You want surface area.
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    When's the last time you made somebody you didn't know really happy?

    I give blood constantly. Not sure if recipients are happy, but they’re alive!
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    Who has an air fryer??

    We smoke bacon and make breakfast burritos on the weekend. Make extras with what is left and freeze in a ziplock. That is my breakfast every morning, 400° for 10 minutes. I put it in, feed the animals, wipe down the cars/windshields, etc., and I come in and it’s done, no stirring/flipping...
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    Smoking a brisket and a ham for Christmas. Any tips or recipes? 1st time using a smoker.

    I’d recommend doing a smaller brisket the first time too. Bigger=more time. My Costco Business center has some 10-12 lb. ones. Heck, cook a small one this week for practice! I think $2.67/lb. for commodity grade. I’ve smoked it before and came out great!
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    Grand Canyon- Where to stay, what to do?

    We loved Walnut Canyon National Monument about 45 minutes east of Williams on the 40. Nice little hike around the cliff dwellings.
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    Something Attacked My Dog Last Night

    Might have been a wolf…or 2…or 3? I think we have an inmate that can chime in! Truthfully hope your dog is ok.
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    Teacher filmed porn at Havasu school

    Yes. Transparentcalifornia.com. Starting salaries are still not six figures now, but are getting close. My point was a retired teacher could not have that amount the majority of a career with the wages in the last 30 years. At least we get the free taxpayer paid pension everyone talks about!🙄
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    Teacher filmed porn at Havasu school

    Agree about the parenting. I don’t about the 6 figures a majority of the career. I’m a California Educator since 1996. Started at $28,600 a year. Earned my masters 4 years later and only hit six figures about 3-5 years ago in my 22-25th year. Each district pays different, but not that much.
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    BNSF 4500 Acre Facility near Barstow

    Does this mean no more 4 lanes wide harbor trucks going up Cajon at 25mph🤷🏻‍♂️!? That would be badassed!
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    Who is still without power and where?

    Our place in Bermuda Dunes(near Sabor Y Cerveza) went out at 6pm and was back by 10:30-11pm. I ran my 6500 generator through the master bathroom window and closed off to the rest of the house. It got up to 80° in the rest of the house when the power came back on.
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    Where did all the boats go today

    Went over the bridge 5 times today from 11:00-2:00 and it was jamb packed!
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    Great lightening show mohave valley

    Where was this?^^
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    Great lightening show mohave valley

    Looks great. Did you get any rain, or did it stay in Kingman?
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    Ass Man

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    2002 GMC 2500 HD ac issue.

    Maybe knocked off a vacuum line(if they are vacuum controlled)? The default is defrost when that is the case.
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    Hot Spot

    Will a smart outlet still work when its wifi is cut off(hotspot)?🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Hot Spot

    Will it run plugged in without the battery? My Verizon will. If so, run ^Ziggy’s timer, or a Harbor Freight 24 hour timer and have it shut off for 15 minutes a day, then restart/reboot.
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    It’s only a trapezoid IF two sides are parallel.