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  1. Icky

    PVC Shiplap

    I want to use PVC shiplap on the ceiling of my patio cover, except no one carries it. Ordered a sample from royal building products and both Lowe's and home depot are listed as suppliers, but to order it , I would have to buy a "lot" of it. I only need 600sq, not 25k worth or product. Anyone...
  2. Icky

    Lost seat cushion

    Buddy lost one of his large seat cushions out of his Avalon pontoon on the 40 somewhere. Light grey, trying to get a picture
  3. Icky

    Good Morning

    Looks like a few people took the day off Happy Friday
  4. Icky

    Good Morning

    RR must be sleeping in this morning. Couldn't wait any longer, its already 6
  5. Icky

    Wifi sprinklers

    I was at homedepot earlier wasting money as usual and came across this. I don't know how good it is, but it was on list of things to buy one day. Check out the rebate.
  6. Icky

    Applebees Ontario Mills

    Apparently a shooting just happened, don't have any details my girlfriend just showed me the post on Facebook.
  7. Icky

    Sleeping in........

    Looks like everyone is sleeping in this morning, so I'll start. Good morning
  8. Icky


    Against my better judgment and all the warnings posted here I took that road to Parker tonight. Never again, after I passed the first road closed sign it started getting bad, the road was so rough I think it rattled every bolt loose in my trailer. Then we came up to the chains required...
  9. Icky

    Jury Duty WTF

    Got a notice today, I think I should go, it said failure to appear on it. Shit I don't remember get any before that. Don't they know I have a job, and don't open crap like that. Why can't they get people from the unemployment line, waste of my time.
  10. Icky

    Industrial concrete Portland, Oregon

    Anyone do industrial concrete in Portland Oregon? Need a concrete guy and epoxy flooring guy. I can Google but I'd rather use someone with a recommendation. Thanks
  11. Icky

    Since there's already one call out thread........CHP

    Those rude, selfish government employees. Driving down rice road seen his lights so I start slowing down, thinking I'm next to get popped after he's done with that person. As I pass him I see he's filling up some ladies car with a gas can He probably gave her a ticket for something when...
  12. Icky

    Crash on the 10E

    Somewhere around Chiraco Summit, freeway is stopped, use 29 palms
  13. Icky

    Who was taking pictures in a yellow nautique

    Anyone know who was taking pictures up near topock yesterday, from the back of a yellow nautique? I want to see the picture of my Daytona when we passed them coming out of the no wake zone
  14. Icky

    Trailer tires take offs

    Anyone need some trailer tires, I'm going to get new ones dues to my adventures last night. Probably fine around town I just wont tow with them anymore. 205 75 r15 30 mins till I get to discount tire in havasu and trash them. 3 of them are 4ish years old The other one who knows
  15. Icky

    496 ho advice

    Found a 2002 496 ho forsale with possibly 500 hrs hasn't been scanned yet. Has a stage 2 ecu Anything I should be concerned about. My second question is who should I bug /pay in havasu to go check it out. Scan and compression test, leak down etc My 7.4 mpi has been flawless, but......I wanna...
  16. Icky

    Ticket Reimbursement

    I was looking through RDP while sitting in traffic and got a ticket today. Just wondering who I send it to for reimbursement, you know for supporting the site:D
  17. Icky

    U joint grease?

    What grease is recommended to grease the u joint and gimbal bearing on a bravo 1 Apparently the Quicksilver stuff i ordered is discontinuedo_O
  18. Icky

    Imco Stern Advantage

    I need to have my imco stern advantage steering rams rebuilt. New seals and shaft wipers I would assume their leaking a tad. Anywhere locally in so cal that can do this or do I need to call imco Nevada tomorrow?
  19. Icky

    Should've stayed at the river

    I should've stayed, maybe then I would've remembered the hatch ram was disconnected:rolleyes:. Pulled my Odyssey batteries out at the end of the season to keep them charged at home since I have no power in my unit. Had to disconnect the ram to get the hatch closed so I could put my cover on...
  20. Icky

    Cats and dogs

    Just getting into Parker, you can see how much water is coming down when the lighting hits:eek the radar looks like Havasu is gonna get slammed