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  1. Nikwho

    V-drive injury risk?

    Okay, super vague question here about the average ('60's or '70's era) v-drive that is maintained correctly. How common is it to have case or driveline issues with some of these old v-drive boats? I've been really wanting a family cruiser v-drive. Nothing absurd. I'm thinking 500-600 HP BBC...
  2. Nikwho

    Is this flagrant abuse of carb spacers???

    Okay, First of all, I would like to say that this boat is not mine, and I'm not trash talking it at all! I've been looking to buy an old flatty v-drive. This particular boat that I've looked at has a Ford 390 FE engine. Not my first choice, but I appreciate the nostalgia of these engines. I...
  3. Nikwho

    Cost to rig new hull?

    Hello all, I'll try to be specific enough that folks can actually answer my question. I've worked on many of my boats extensively in the past, R&R outdrive, repower, new upholstery, re-wiring, etc. I've built quite a few old cars and have a fair bit of mechanical aptitude. With that said...
  4. Nikwho

    New guy in AZ.

    Hello all. My name is Nik. I live in Flagstaff, AZ. Spent a good part of my childhood (and adult life, which is still my childhood according to my wife) on the river. I have had a number of boats, including a Charger jet, Cheetah, and an old Rogers jet boat, along with a few others, leading...