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    Spectra 18 boat trailer for sale $450

    I'm selling the original trailer from my Spectra 18, it is a 1976 Roadrunner trailer. It has newer tires and aluminum wheels. The hubs and bearings were replaced in 2012. The lights and wiring were replaced as well. The trailer could use some paint and new bunks. I have a new coupler to install...
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    Can Am Maverick Max X DS Turbo vs Polaris XP 4 1000 Turbo

    I'm looking at these two side by sides, unsure of which one to buy. I need 4 seats for the wife and kids and I want the extra power. Which should I choose?
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    The Democrat's new American flag

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    Camping at Park Moabi...good or bad?

    I'm looking at the camp sites on the peninsula along the river. Any advice from those who have stayed there? I'd be bringing out the rv to camp in and towing out the boat behind another vehicle. I'm looking at the spaces with full hookups as well. Any spaces better than others? Just looking at...
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    Grounding aluminum fuel tanks

    Over the winter I installed two aluminum fuel tanks in my boat. I was wondering what size/ gauge wire to ground the tanks with? I have been reading that the aluminum fuel filler necks should be grounded as well. I was going to ground them to the tanks and then ground the tanks and fuel/water...
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    Three to Four Point Mounts with Ford 460

    I just picked up these mounts for my boat so I can switch to a larger oil pan. They were made by Hardin Marine. What is in the picture is what I got. I believe I only need the feet to make them work. Or is there more? Do any of you have any pictures of an install on a Spectra you could post? Thanks
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    Post up your Spectra boat pics!

    I wanna see some more of these classic boats! Here's mine.
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    This will make you mad

    I thought I would post this up. Illegals are taking advantage of a tax loophole and getting huge returns. http://www.wthr.com/video?clipId=7054149&autostart=true
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    Spectra jet boat top speeds

    I'm just wondering what you guys are getting for top speed with your Spectra Jet boats? Please list length/engine/pump/impeller and any other useful info. I'm getting 62.9 mph @4450-4500 rpm's on gps with my Spectra 18, mild Ford 460, and Berkeley E pump (unsure on the impeller). Just...
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    JB's Spectra 18 rebuild

    So this is my first boat rebuild: 1976 Spectra 18 mini day cruiser with a Ford 460 and Berkeley JE-A jet pump.
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    Looking for a new windshield

    I'd like to get a new windshield for my Spectra 18 as the current one is covered with little spider cracks. I searched and found a thread about a guy in Havasu that can make them and someone in CA. Anybody still have their info? Thanks
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    Looking at a Spectra 18...good or bad?

    I'm looking at purchasing a 1974 Spectra 18 with a 460 Ford and Berkeley JE jet. I've done a little research on this model and I know the fiberglass gas tanks will eventually have to be replaced and that the JE jet can't be fitted with a droop snoot. The boat is in another state but from the...