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  1. Riverryder

    Finance or buy it?

    I sold my boat. Bought a family boat(tube friendly,wakeboard) for cheap! I’m going to sell It (I like speed) I have the cash to buy a boat in my range but should i pay half and finance the rest? Pay cash? My credit score is thru the roof. I just don’t know how this works. I know if you can’t...
  2. Riverryder

    Current boat with specs! (I/o, pontoon, bass boat, kayak, anything you currently have)

    Does anyone have a boat or use it?? Here’s mine!! 1996 eliminator 230 eagle 454 with dart Pro 1 aluminum heads RPM performer intake manifold 750 quick fuel double pump carburetor. Insta @ed921reyes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Riverryder

    Copying other boats gel scheme? Is it ok?

    I work with someone that has a fast cat. That’s going to be gettin the gel redone. I have been trying to help them figure out the scheme they are going with. The boat gets dropped off next week. They have been showing me other boats schemes and have always said they were doing similar schemes...
  4. Riverryder

    A legend (dog)was put to rest today!

    My brother had to put one of our champions down today! Had 2 tumors on his spine that made him lose control of his legs. This all happened in the matter of 2 days! 8 years old! PR “smash” At a lost for words. Talkin to my brother on the phone hearing him crying made it so much worse...
  5. Riverryder

    Helping a fellow boater

    Today I toke the boat out on lake mead. Burned a lot of fuel and had a great time. Usually before going to the marina we hang out and float. Today a Roll bar boat flagged me down so I went to check. Boat wouldn’t start. Gave him my jump box to see if it would start Nothing He had jumper...
  6. Riverryder

    Transom stains (drive shower, previous owner told me)

    The transom of the eliminator has a bunch of back stains. The previous owner told me it’s from the drive shower( big carb /454) I can’t seem to get the black stains off, have tried just about anything. Anyone else have this issue what do you use? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Riverryder

    Which eliminator?

    Hey I’m in the market for a boat I’m selling mine tomorrow. I’m looking for some advice on which is better and why? And what would you guys pay? Boy now: 99 Carrera 202xr 350 alpha one First eliminator 1994 230 eagle Ad: The perfect Boat!! Immaculate condition. There are no rips or tears...
  8. Riverryder

    Engine hatch lift mounting options

    Hey guys I have a Carrera and the mount for the lifting ram on the wood engine hatch keeps pulled the screws out. Wondering if any of you guys have a stronger way to mount the ram? Or ideas on how to make it stronger. Not the best picture but the lift ram mounts to the hatch with 3 screws...