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    Well that didn't go well.

    I was waiting to see a horse kick someone. Maybe on the extended version.
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    LAM: solo dive on a lost anchor @ Saguaro Lake (AZ)

    The desire is the same but the dangers are way different for the reward at the end.
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    LAM: solo dive on a lost anchor @ Saguaro Lake (AZ)

    I say it's pretty darn stupid to dive solo for anything let alone a mushroom anchor. One thing I remember from the scuba course I took was always have a dive partner. If there was no dive partner then no scuba dive is happening. If you have a dive partner then I would be saying have fun and good...
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    Boating Bucket List

    Don't wait for an reason to go to Powell. Just go and don't make excuses preventing you from going. My bucket list would be a downhill run from Dana Point to Cabo San Lucas on a 42' to 58' Bertram, Hatteras, or Viking going that whopping speed of 8 knots. I was to young in 2002 when my dad...
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    Have You Ever Accidentally Stolen a Car?

    Grew up riding in Ford trucks and don't really know or put much thought into cars. Have gone out with friends in their cars that are fancy. Actual nice cars that cost a bit. Anyways it never fails as we walk back to the car from being out I always try to open the wrong car and it's always a POS...
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    Bow riding a pontoon: really?

    I believe it. I've crawled back to see how much water a 400hp jet moves at 3200 rpm. It looked more violent than the spillways flowing at Glen Canyon Dam. 400hp water pump can move a shitload of water and that was only at 3200 rpm Couldn't image what 5k rpm looks like.
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    Bow riding a pontoon: really?

    True. Props wreck havoc on what they snag. Jets would just blow swimwear right off, even when in the boat... Someone in our group thought it would be funny to tap the throttle in a cove and hose us down a bit in the boat.
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    Post your best pictures of the weekend

    Another from the weekend. Reenacting a scene from my favorite movie. Also drove by Twin Arrows by surprise but didn't stop.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    6 inch deep radius cut and steak burrito today on the manifold. Guys look at me like I'm crazy for doing such a thing. They then cry about being hungry.
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    Day 1 on powell....

    We got a bit of the storm in Padre Bay. Beached for 20 minutes while it passed.
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    2004 Ford Excrusion Diesel

    Who did the seats?
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Yes. For lunch I put enchiladas on the radiator of the skid steer while I was grinding the asphalt.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    This morning and this afternoon.
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    June a Record Month for New Boat Sales

    Hoping a BBC V drive Whaler comes up for sale when things settle and I have cash for it!
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    Holy Shit!! Russian teen struck by lightning. Video

    What did he do to piss off God? In my younger years, my roller hockey coach got struck by lightning twice. He also hit overhead power lines with a bucket truck. When ever a storm rolled in I'm like see you later and put some distance between us!
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    Winner of asshole of the day award.

    Me too.
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    Winner of asshole of the day award.

    Must be one of those typical Dodge Ram Cummings diesel guys. You know, lifted truck on black wheels that stick way out, big F'n "C" sticker on rear window, LED lights everywhere, flipped up mirrors to tow ghost trailer. Must have forgotten he took the wife's car and not towing the ghost trailer...
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    RDP is Bitchen!

    We need some of the smartasses to come back. I've been here since 2014 and when boating content lacked the smartasses made this place entertaining with their 1 liners or photoshop edits. Haven't seen anything like that for some time now. Miss threads like the Pink Taco one and 460 slapping a...