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    Scumbag Poll

    c still doing damage g still doing damage h may stop others from doing damage
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    It’s Trumps fault, again!!!! Bank failure

    Actually think the media and dems have some sort of psychosis about J6, Russia & Trump. Some of the claims are beyond logical.
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    Pence is wasting everybody's time. Maybe he is running to get campaign donations and not spend it. Has to know he has no chance. Neither side wants anything to do with this turn coat. Tossing Trump under a bus after being his VP?
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    Another Biden Unqualified Diversity Appointment

    Crazy world we are in today. Diversity is paramount.
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    The "HEAT" is On!!

    Just has to keep the border open for another day. Bingo 25k replaced votes.
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    China, Russia can't top our fabulous F-22 fighters

    All China would have to do is stop shipping to us. No fighting or invasion of any kind. This country would come to a halt is 2 weeks. Stock market would crash. Many car parts come from China and some prescription drugs. US would be totally screwed.
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    They Don’t Even Try to Hide it…

    He wouldn't like that world. There is no way to eliminate guns in this country. No one would be safe anywhere. He doesn't appear to have ever lifted anything heavier than a laptop. Get a job.
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    Heard on Fox she could win again. Doesn't directly affect me but good to know she may not.
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    Mush for brains has a 45% approval rating. He should be around 0. Lightfoot will likely get re-elected. Are you kidding me? The American public is getting paid off, illegals and all. Better start learning Chinese.
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    They got what they wanted another place holder.
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    Scarce bourbon diverted by officials in Oregon

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    Sandpoint, Idaho (Any RDP member’s live there?)

    Lake Pend Oreille, Priest and Coeur-d-Alene are large lakes. In this area the only other large body of water is Rosevelt. Lots of smaller lakes that's probably where the 50mph came from. Get to know the weather here. During the summer, afternoon thunderstorms are common, especially early...
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    Sandpoint, Idaho (Any RDP member’s live there?)

    It's kind of a general rule in N Idaho and Eastern Washington. Unless you're being really stupid Sheriff won't bother you.
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    NBA or NFL?

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    GW Shark Attack in Mexico...

    Did some scuba there too. Swam right over reef sharks laying on the bottom. Appeared to be 6' or so. They didn't care about us. Guess they feed at night, rest during the day. Turtles were awesome. Actually, Mexico was better diving as far as colorful fish are concerned but no way I am going...
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    GW Shark Attack in Mexico...

    Assume the risk, in the ocean we are not top of the food chain. At night on Maui stepped on something alive near shore 2-3 feet deep. Felt like an eel or shark tail. Didn't get chomped on but came out very fast, scared the crap out of me. Never going back in at night again. Risky enough during...
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    Barrett jackson

    Truck prices were/are insane. Not rare at all, any of them. Makes me wonder down the road if the values will stay high. It has to end at some point. To me the only truck worth spending a bunch on would be a very low millage nice high optioned Ford 7.3 4x4 pickup and they aren't. One sold in...
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    Agree, seems just little too convenient but I don't care. JB needs to go. Kamala will be fun to watch as she digs a deeper hole.
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    Wheel studs sheared off

    Yes we use those every time a wheel goes on. They are just short of rated torque. 100 ft lb stick tightens 90-95. Need to do final with torque wrench. If buying just one an 80 ft lb will get nuts close on a majority of vehicles and not overtighten. There are exceptions.
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    Joey Kicking Ass

    Now, if you live in an area with lower crime rate, you'll pay more to offset the losses in other areas? Basically, just a ESG tax.