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  1. goshen82

    What Mid Size Suv's fit to car seat's in 2nd row with the driver and passenger front seat's in the full back position?

    My wife had a 2017 acura mdx and we were able to put two car seats in no problem.
  2. goshen82

    New Havasu 40’ CC from Wraith.

    We have 38 mystic and they are awesome. We can put 15 ppl on the boat and be comfortable. When it’s windy out and no one is on the lake we still go out it feels like nothing in that boat. We go through like 500 to 1000 in fuel on a weekend depending on how far we go and if we go up river. It’s...
  3. goshen82

    Phoenix beef delivery April 15

    Any chance I could get a sampler box? I don’t have a freezer big enough for 1/4.
  4. goshen82

    Where does everyone on this forum MAINLY live

    I’m in eastvale and then Havasu springs on weekends in the summer.
  5. goshen82

    Toy Hauler versus RV

    I would go with the motorhome. I really only use mine for glamis season and we go to Newport dunes every once in awhile but it’s definitely nice to pull up to camp and not have to unload the trailer before you can sleep. I had a 5th wheel before and that was one of the things I did not like...
  6. goshen82

    Best dealers to buy RZR PRO R 4

    we just bought one from a dealership in Colorado they still had a few left. Got the pro r ultimate no mark ups.
  7. goshen82

    Stacker trailers

    Depends on the height of jeep. My stacker is 13”6 tall and that gives me like 11”6 interior height to work with. I’ve put my sand car in with 36” tires and had a can am on the lift up top. But the can am I had to put custom tiny wheels on it to make it work.
  8. goshen82

    Rv Internet and Satelite Help

    Try marks audio in irwindale. He has done in motion dishes for me and they do excellent work.
  9. goshen82

    2002 Monaco Windsor 40pdq

    2002 Monaco Windsor 40’ long 350 cummins Alison transmission 50k miles 2 slides New Hancock front tires New in motion satellite Updated flat screen TVs Onan generator Full pass through slide out tray storage Both couches fold out to beds. 1 queen pull out and 1 jackknife Gas stove Convection...
  10. goshen82

    Rules on having an aux fuel tank.

    I have a 110 gallon tank in my work truck and have never been hassled for it. Mines to transfer fuel into equipment and is not plumbed into the truck
  11. goshen82

    Havasu Springs - Weekend Rental

    They don’t really allow rentals in the park.
  12. goshen82

    Anyone try to buy a new dually lately? Crazy stuff.

    We were looking for an f450 a few months ago some dealers wanted 15 to 20k markup on them. Ended up finding a 2021 king ranch 4x4 used for 80k with 30k Miles and got it. Best deal I found by 10k at the time I was searching for them. Truck prices are crazy
  13. goshen82

    RIP - Tragic Boating Accident

    There is it’s 55 but I don’t think it’s enforced there isn’t a ton of sheriff presence on the water. We maybe see him 1 time a day near the house that’s it.
  14. goshen82

    $140k used Ford F-350 Tremor?

    It’s crazy the prices of trucks I had been looking for a 2020 or newer f450 and couldn’t find anything used for less then 100k. Finally found one a few weeks ago that was actually priced fair but it’s a tough market to be a buyer right now
  15. goshen82

    Just wrapping things up… RangerCrew xp1000 Northstar Ultimate

    We got this one about a year ago it does pretty good in the desert. I was actually surprised. We have sand cars and can am x3 and it’s not as good as the can ams but it does good. It’s nice that you don’t get dusty and it has ac.
  16. goshen82

    Shifter kart

    Definitely fun started racing karts when I was 7. Eventually ended up racing karts all over the country doing stars of karting. I ended up being good enough that I was sponsored by the chassis we ran. It can definitely get expensive quick if you want to run all the big races. Got to race at...
  17. goshen82

    Car Seats?

    We have nunas I think there called. My wife likes them and they are easy to install if you have to move them to another car. I have a different brand in my truck and I would much rather have the nuna. The one in my truck is a pain in the ass to get tight compared to the nunas. I also have 2...
  18. goshen82

    Boat Detail

    Howard detail is good he has done our boats and they all come out really good. He has an Instagram page
  19. goshen82

    The 21' and under 70+ mph Boat pic thread

    Not a 21 but my old talon 22 with 300xs. Hit 96 probably could have got to 100 with more fine tuning. Wish I never sold that one. Boat was completely redone including trailer.