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  1. Little Mr.C

    Circke Boat races this weekend,lake ming

    wasn’t sure how to tag you besides quoting. But your picture is now the new cover photo of SCSC Facebook. 👍🏻👍🏻 Everyone gets to see the canary fly lol
  2. Little Mr.C

    Circke Boat races this weekend,lake ming

    that was one hell of an exit out of the corner this morning. Definitely made me yell. Glad you kept her upright! Sucked to see you get towed back in later.
  3. Little Mr.C

    Circke Boat races this weekend,lake ming

    Looking forward to it this weekend. Looks like a good amount of racers registered also. Should be fun
  4. Little Mr.C

    SCSC rescue boat stolen out of Placentia

    Hope they find it. I know GBR has been working on a new one but I don’t think it’s ready yet. Fingers crossed it’s found and doesn’t affect next weeks races!
  5. Little Mr.C

    King’s River Fun

    Glad to see the water is still up. Heading up in the morning. Beach pictures at Lindy’s?
  6. Little Mr.C

    Update: Please Sign Petition for 2022 Long Beach Sprint Boat Nationals!

    I signed it, sent it to friends and shared on Facebook.
  7. Little Mr.C

    Long Beach Sprint Nationals

    I read that Ross Wallach and attorneys have filed their appeal, just waiting on their day with the city, and they are also putting together a petition to collect signatures. If I see the link or anything for the petition I’ll post it up on here. Hopefully we can keep the races going, the Marine...
  8. Little Mr.C

    Yamaha 06 yz450 issues / questions

    it sat for about three and a half years. Last time it was ran it was all good (close friend giving me the bike). I’m probably headed out to the desert tomorrow. Might bring it with me and run it for a little and mess with it as long as any of these issues won’t cause more damage.
  9. Little Mr.C

    Yamaha 06 yz450 issues / questions

    Yes. When I’m neutral and I throttle up it would backfire really hard at first. After messing with air fuel it’s not as much. And almost none while riding. But will still spit a flame out of the exhaust with a high rev, even with a spark arrestor. I know carb work is tedious and takes time...
  10. Little Mr.C

    Yamaha 06 yz450 issues / questions

    4 stroke
  11. Little Mr.C

    Yamaha 06 yz450 issues / questions

    My dad made the post for me. The carb was taken apart and all parts/jets were put into an ultrasonic cleaner and then the carb was reassembled. (Not by me) but by a close friend who has the cleaner. Bike had a mean backfire when I first put it back together but after a while of adjusting...
  12. Little Mr.C

    New wheels/tires - piece together and bring to a shop or try to buy at one place?

    I bought my tires online (Toyo R/t’s 37x12.50r 18, E rating) but bought my raceline wheels from America’s tires, and new TPMS sensors. Only reason I bought separate was because America’s tire didn’t carry that specific tire size in an E rating. They had no problem mounting and balancing my...
  13. Little Mr.C

    any AAA agents on here so cali

    I will never go with statefarm again screwed me out of a bunch of money. Switched to progressive and now USSA. Minor complaints without progressive but can’t beat USSA. WOULD Reccomend them to anyone who can use them. Plus all my rates were far cheaper for the same coverage. Sent from my...
  14. Little Mr.C

    Window tint question.

    Just had my windows done about 3 months ago. It was only hazy for about 24 hours (while it was drying) after that they’ve been completely clear. 3 weeks seems pretty long to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Little Mr.C

    Oddest, funniest damn interview.

  16. Little Mr.C

    Unadilla MX - goggles question

    Yes they can stop and get fresh goggles. I believe Christian Craig stopped in the second moto to get a fresh set.
  17. Little Mr.C

    What's next? (Netflix)

    Stranger things, dexter, the ranch (stupid witty comedy), peaky blinders
  18. Little Mr.C

    SFV/SCV Peeps.

    Would anyone want to do a lake meet and greet? Castaic or any other lake near by? I know there's "no alcohol" but a day on the water is better than no day on the water. Boat is sitting in the garage waiting to be used. If anyone wants to get one together I'm all in. Let's get it going!
  19. Little Mr.C

    Silverado side door moldings

    I'm going to order the 3m eraser once my shoulder is up and running again. But I start to question if I should just sell or trade her in. She just hit 140k and for the boat I plan to eventually buy I'd like to have a diesel anyways. Miles seem to scare people but I haven't had One single problem...