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  1. wet hull

    Fuel delivery

    It is louder then the Aeromotive. Only notice when you cycle key on. When running I dont hear it.
  2. wet hull

    Fuel delivery

    I would not use the A2000. I had multiple shit the bed. They dont just gradually start to die. Its sudden and unexpected. Went Weldon and its bad ass!!
  3. wet hull

    Lets talk up coming floods

    Just heard earlier they are going to do east side now as well. Were also doing under El Camino Real bridge and few other spots today? I highly doubt it will be open by end of this week or month.
  4. wet hull

    Phoenix beef delivery April 15

    I definitely want in on this. I would need to do the 18th unless another member from North San Diego is grabbing on 17th? I will get a order list together of what an how much.
  5. wet hull

    New Havasu 40’ CC from Wraith.

    Can bring back the old days of copper canyon, but in a nice AC cabin out of the public eye. I am changing life path to buy a CC one day!! It truly fits all styles of boating. Hit Havasu, pull to Oceanside after and run to Catalina the next weekend. My dream!!
  6. wet hull

    Havasu Home for rent: Remodeled. 3/2 with huge RV pad for boat parking. Lots of summer dates availab

    Desert Storm weekend is available. I am doing Super Car Fest week prior.
  7. wet hull

    Beautiful workmanship in new home builds! NOT!

    Nailed this on the head. I am running all my jobs at cost +20%. If the job is smaller in the $100k range I up that to 25%. I also do a 15% markup on on materials I buy. Now with that out of the way, I have honest conversations with my owners. What is your budget? Build in a 10-15% contingency...
  8. wet hull

    Need help selecting gauge colors

    Here was my final result from Livorsi. 9 gauges total
  9. wet hull

    Construction brain trust needed

    We have a couple of these in production now. Not the biggest fan of these designs, once I mount the tubs I will update with pictures. Prep is key, shower pan base needs to be built differently prior to hotmop. Takes coordination with plumber, hotmop and framer. Picture of hotmop area with...
  10. wet hull

    Skid-steer Questions...Couple basic ones

    I bought a new Jon Deer 17g mini x about 8 months ago. Its has increased in price almost $10k since. Almost paid it off from what would have been rentals on my jobs and renting it out to other contractors. Been looking to sell my Bobcat 753 and get into a track machine, but dam!! Anything for a...
  11. wet hull

    Worst Super Bowl Halftime ever?

    Looked her up, she is currently pregnant. Garbage show
  12. wet hull

    Orion cat for sale

    I vaguely remember that
  13. wet hull

    Orion cat for sale

    If the wife isnt happy, you dont get a nice wet beach to plant your shore spike!
  14. wet hull

    Orion cat for sale

    I had number 3 built. I have redone almost every inch of this boat over the years. Its far from what was originally built for me. I started with a 496 and it ran good but wet. It is much happier with more HP. Its happy place is above 70 when it starts packing air. I have a fuel injected 540 and...
  15. wet hull

    Orion cat for sale

    That was Howard26/ Peter boat he full tricked out.
  16. wet hull

    Dually alignment in havasu

    Nothing to help you out but have a towing question. Never driven a dually but feel I need to move that way. Currently in a F250 and it tows all my stuff without issue. I guess besides weight capacity what is the biggest difference you noticed when daily driving and towing? I want to be able to...
  17. wet hull

    Need help selecting gauge colors

    My new gauges arrive Monday and will post some pic. Went straight to Livorsi. Would have been difficult through a 3rd party. Mega race series with stainless bezels, silver carbon dial with black lettering, lime green for thr needles and white back light at night. Thought of going lime green on...
  18. wet hull

    Pentair Ultratemp ETi Hybrid Pool Heater

    One of my customers may want it, I will confirm and let you know in the morning
  19. wet hull

    Pentair Ultratemp ETi Hybrid Pool Heater

    Are these still available? For both?
  20. wet hull

    Trailer runway lighting

    Check for depth with any tool you have laying around🤣🤣