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  1. Kachina26

    Hey 4Waters....

    So you're not familiar with "shadow banning"?
  2. Kachina26

    Hey 4Waters....

    You missed the version of that one that got him banned.
  3. Kachina26

    Here's the beef 2.0

    How to split and freezer space info would be nice to hear. Love you guy's story.
  4. Kachina26

    Grads for moderator

    He already was one.
  5. Kachina26

    good morning inmates

    If winds are less than 50mph you have the chief's authority to proceed at your maximum authorized speed.
  6. Kachina26

    Need a good set of large snap ring pliers.

    Not to say those are bad, but I've always hated that justification for saying a brand is good. That's like saying I bought a Chevette because it's made by GM and they make the Cadillac.
  7. Kachina26

    Pet peeve’s

    What if that means you'd be changing lanes every 10 seconds, not exaggerating. I'm sorry, but if I'm gonna overtake the next one in 10 car lengths, I'm not ducking back into the slow lane only to get pinned in so someone else can do 3 miles an hour faster than me. Now I'm talking about city...
  8. Kachina26

    Pet peeve’s

    Did I already say improper use of apostrophes?
  9. Kachina26

    So Whats for Breakfast?

    I thought @ChumpChange was the cream pie guy on the boards...
  10. Kachina26

    So Whats for Breakfast?

    3 egg whites, 1/4 cup black beans, 1oz grilled chicken breast wrapped in a wheat tortilla with some Cholula Sauce.
  11. Kachina26

    Damn i f up big time

    You can send me as your proxy.
  12. Kachina26

    Valentines Day

    I told mine, "nothing's too good for you". I splurged and got her just that.
  13. Kachina26

    So what should I ask for this??

    Someone graduated the 2FF school of spamming the lounge on the DL. Congrats on the sail. :D
  14. Kachina26

    Anyone selling Islander RV canopy

    Really would be easier, they don't seem too happy about folks putting up a used one.
  15. Kachina26

    If it wasn't for bad luck.......

    So you're now FlyingYukon? Glad to hear all feel OK so far.
  16. Kachina26

    New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences

    It moved to the right and is now called, "Jump to New"
  17. Kachina26

    New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences

    Same on my Mac.
  18. Kachina26

    How would I know?

    Talk about stepping on your dick.
  19. Kachina26

    Valentine’s Day gift ideas

    Bag and a belt for the vacuum.
  20. Kachina26

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    Is Grads banned again? If so, I think I found him... well, if it was him, he's gone again.