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  1. micro525

    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    Ended up getting a late start. Still had a great run.
  2. micro525

    Catalina “Outlaw” Race

    See you guys in the morning #10
  3. micro525

    07-17 Jeep Wrangler (JK) factory OEM front/rear bumpers with guards and hook - $375

    Easy for people to get confused here- JK! on a serious note- thanks for the info
  4. micro525

    07-'17 Jeep Wrangler 4dr Factory Rock Rails Jeep JK running boards - $150

    OR SALE- Selling a good set of factory rock rails that will fit a 4 door jeep wrangler (JK) 2007-2017 Model years. minor scratches from being in storage. No Dents or bends- refer to pictures. Asking $150 obo. Contact Mike at 626-353-6734.
  5. micro525

    07-17 Jeep Wrangler (JK) factory OEM front/rear bumpers with guards and hook - $375

    FOR SALE- Selling a set of factory bumpers for a 2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler (JK). Bumpers are in good shape and have no impact damage- just minor scratches from being in storage. Including factory OEM tow hook and upper/ lower covers. These bumpers have the factory dark grey paint. Asking $375...
  6. micro525

    In search of quality landscaper in LHC

    Looking to have my front and back yard done up in LHC. Can anyone recommend a reliable landscaper that does quality work? Thanks.
  7. micro525

    ISO reliable landscaper in Havasu

    Looking to have some landscape work done on my place in LHC. Front and back yard. Any recommendations? Looking for someone who can do quality work and is reliable. Thanks!
  8. micro525

    NATO leaders caught on camera mocking Trump

    they're all a bunch of sissy lala's!
  9. micro525

    Pelaton ad... the left is losing thier mind over this

    Still confused. Have no idea why people are going crazy over this.
  10. micro525

    Glass dining room table w/ 8 chairs

    Selling my dining room set. Chairs were recently recovered and have very low use on them. Set includes 8 chairs, glass top, and (2) glass table top stands. Glass is not in the best shape (refer to pictures). Would like to keep the set but it is too big for my Havasu place. Table is...
  11. micro525

    Where Did All the Eliminator Eagle Vees Go?

    Here’s my 236. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. micro525

    RR bridge fire in Parker

    Looks like the local gangs are going be working hard to get the track back in service! Don't forget to thank the Rail Road personnel when you see them up there busting ass to keep your trains moving.
  13. micro525

    RR bridge fire in Parker

    My guess is that the fire was started by a train. Tie fires happen all the time on the rail road. I have had to put out tie fires many times throughout my railroad career. The dry weather doesn't help RR ties even though they are saturated in cresote. Once they start they are difficult to...
  14. micro525

    Anyone know where to buy another streamsmart pro box?

    I purchased a streamsmart pro box from a friend in LHC. I'm really happy with it and it was VERY worth it for me. I didn't mind paying for the update. I had a friend come over and he is very interested in owning one (or two). Looking to see if anyone is still selling these in the LHC/LA area...
  15. micro525

    Havasu Vacation rental with pool

    House is still available Labor Day weekend.
  16. micro525

    Havasu Vacation rental with pool

    Havasu house available for rent. 3 bedroom 2 bath with pool! Plenty of space to park your boat with truck on side of house behind gate. Full RV hook up’s available on side of house as well. Wide driveway with plenty of parking and VERY quiet/wide street. On the south side of town just minutes...
  17. micro525

    1972 21' Daycruiser - ISO

    Hi Jamie, yes that is paydirt. We will be at the roundup this weekend. Correct on the colors. I had a conversation with “the big pear” and yes he had seen the fighting poodle years ago at a meet up and spoke with the owners. As far as any other sister boats I’m not sure. Feel free to...
  18. micro525

    1972 21' Daycruiser - ISO

  19. micro525

    1972 21' Daycruiser - ISO

    Hey my friend has a boat just like that!
  20. micro525

    more questions from newbie

    I had the same issues with the internal exhaust shutters on my 236. They did make all kinds of noise at idle and I think one of them would stick or stay shut at cruising speeds. I removed them and left the external rubber flappers on of course. I was advised, and I do believe removing the...