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  1. HNL2LHC

    2007 JK Clutch Replacement, Kingman or Havasu

    Turns out that I ran out of town last trip to get everything done. Changed out the exhaust but did not get the clutch changed out. I’d like to have it done before we return to town in September. Does anyone have a suggestion on a shop in Havasu or Kingman. I am leaning towards kingman since...
  2. HNL2LHC

    Jeanette needs some love!!!

    If anyone has any extra loving And looking for a text buddy. I am sure Jeanette would really appreciate it. LOL
  3. HNL2LHC

    28 years ago today....

    Some how I was able to con my wife to marry me. I can’t believe that she went through with it. No way that I’d be able to land such a hot babe as the old fat f**k I am today. LOL Thanks for putting up with me sweetheart!!!!
  4. HNL2LHC

    SOS help needed. 496 water pump replacement

    Helping a friend change out the pump to get out on lake. Anyone have a video of the process meecrusier 496 mag
  5. HNL2LHC

    RDP Sighting.....

    Driving up McCulloch an hour or so ago and this vehicle stopped at the light in front of me. I don’t think that it gets any higher up the corporate ladder of RDP than this!!!!! LOL
  6. HNL2LHC

    Who’s in Havasu 7/20 - 8/01?

    I will be in town for a couple of weeks working on few things at the MVD and Building Department. Anything going on, other than Covid? Anyone going to be in town and want meet up for lunch or a beer?
  7. HNL2LHC

    AOL latest

    Not sure if this is true that AOC created and deleted the attached post. It totally fits the left’s narrative and the post of things I would not put anything past them. I can’t believe that these people are willing to let America go down the drain like the are.
  8. HNL2LHC

    Jeep JK Advise Needed

    Sorry in advance for the lengthy post. I have a couple of issues that I need to address with our 2007 Jeep JK, 2DR, with 100K miles. The items I am working on are clutch, catalytic converter and lift kit. Since I am doing work on a few items that are connected I thought that I’d take care of...
  9. HNL2LHC

    Picture thread........where did it go?

    Busy week and always look forward to the pics that some post. What happened to the thread? I must be looking my mind but I don’t see it on the first few pages. It couldn’t have been buried since it is updated almost daily. Anyway was going to post up this....... Duke’s Waikiki was open...
  10. HNL2LHC

    Re-arrests of released inmates

    A lot of states released inmates in fear of the jails being over run by Covid-19. At first the Honolulu police chef said now way was that going to happen in Honolulu. Well gJess what it did happen. I just saw the numbers for Hawaii on the news. They did not give it in percentages, just the...
  11. HNL2LHC

    Vegas Resturants - Monday June 1st

    We will be in Vegas on Monday afternoon staying at a hotel near the airport. I want to plan for dinner that night. Are there resturants currently open for dine in service? On or off the strip?
  12. HNL2LHC

    2007 Jeep Wrangler - Havasu Shop recommendation

    Yesterday the “Check Engine“ light came on in our Jeep. Pulled the code and turns out to be P0430. Looks to be a catalytic converter issue. Does anyone have a recommendation on a shop here in Havasu that might be able to look into this with a possible quick turn around? We are leaving town...
  13. HNL2LHC

    BobbyV or anyone else in Town - Single RV garage size question

    Looks like we can have a garage about 14’ in width on our property. I will be in town tomorrow and then for Memorial Day weekend and the following week. I’d like to know if anyone has a garage about the size that I could stop on by to check out if it is worth working with the size or if I need...
  14. HNL2LHC

    Havasu RV Garage Addition

    Well it looks like things are starting fall into place with us spending a few months a year in Havasu. When we were looking at properties last year I wanted to find a lot and build a new home. That was not in the cards at that time so we went with a home purchase on the south side of town...
  15. HNL2LHC

    Next Level here.....

    Well they just kicked it up a notch. I like the part that they are considering doing this more moving forward. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2020/04/09/encouraging-sign-hawaii-reports-just-new-coronavirus-cases/
  16. HNL2LHC

    Dude!!!!!! Surfs up!!!

    Who is up for some night time surfing tonight? Looks like there could be a few killer waves on their way.... https://www.staradvertiser.com/2020/03/24/breaking-news/tsunami-watch-issued-for-hawaii-after-7-8-magnitude-earthquake-off-kuril-islands/ What next? Locus, snow flurries???? Oh...I...
  17. HNL2LHC

    FYI, Starting Thursday Flights Into Hawaii.....

    all passengers arriving into the islands will be required to take a mandatory quarantine for 14 days. Not sure on when the requirement will end At this time.
  18. HNL2LHC

    Kingman CV Updates

    Hey all I have been thinking about this for a few days now. It was ever since the police were called to Walmart a few days ago. My Mother In Law lives along in Kingman alone since her husband died last year. I have asked her to use the buddy system but not sure that she will do it. If any...
  19. HNL2LHC

    Sanders OUT

    Just saw on the news that Bernie said F this crap.
  20. HNL2LHC

    Coming to Hawaii? Want a Corona? No worries....we are starting to stock up here.

    Well it was bound to happen. A resident brought the Corona Virus in from that ship off of San Francisco last week. Went to dinner last night and the place was dead. Not sure if the fear or weather was keeping people away. Either way we are not changing our live at this point. Just watching...