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    Race gas pumps anywhere near Boulder City? How about ethanol-fre

    One of my old outboards has high compression heads from the early 70's and a couple of other mild mods that up the compression even more. I'm really way more comfortable running it on something higher than ethanol 91. Any places near Boulder City that sell race gas out of a pump? I used to...
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    Fiberglass hull repair supplies in Vegas?

    Not talking $$$West$$$Marine$$$ epoxy, or Vatozone glass cloth. Also, Marine plywood for a transom. -Peter
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    Any Parker old timers know Jim Dunnigan?

    He has had a place in Parker since what must be the 60's even though he moved to Boulder City 18 years ago or so. Real old time river rat. -Peter
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    Mead level, and western CO

    Been spending some time on Colorado recently, and near as I can tell from the locals, the snow, rain, and reservoirs on the west side of the divide, that part that makes the westward flow of the Colorado River, have been above average for the past several years. So much so, that they have...
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    Sooo El Nino and Lake Mead???

    I wasn't into boating yet at the time of the last El Nino winter here in Socal, but since I'm into boating now, and have place in Boulder City down near Lake Mead, I've become curious... I have no idea if a big wet winter here in Socal will raise the level at Lake Mead, since isn't it filled...
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    what happened to the river communities forum section?

    i wanted to post an update on what's happening at lake mead hemenway marina in boulder city -peter
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    STV Keith... do you have a photo gallery of your twin Monty Scarab?

    STV Keith... do you have a photo gallery of your twin Monty Scarab? This Lake Mead forum needs a little lift and as a fellow outboard lover, I'm selfishly asking for something that interest me ;) But for the rest of you, his Scarab is also big.. and I know big boats are popular out west...
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    shop near boulder city that's good with hydraulic steering repair?

    i moved my ocean fishing boat out to boulder city about a year ago because all it's ever seen was salt water and i don't fish as much anymore since i had my first kid, (she's four and a half now). anyhow, it's got teleflex baystar hydraulic steering (90hp mercury outboard), and the steering...
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    recommend an exhaust shop near boulder city?

    For cars. Need an easy install done. Dual exhaust after midpipe, with turndowns is all. -Peter
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    cheap upholstery shop for a BASIC seat re-cover?

    bought a beater bowrider with a super solid hull and blown motor for $900. The motor I can handle myself. In fact, I already have a spare in there now. But the upholstery is pretty tattered. The original upholstery was super fancy with a bunch of custom colors. I just want it repaired or...
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    summer water temp compared to havasu/mohave/mead?

    Never been to Martinez (or even Parker) and the lower river areas. BUT I have boated the colorado between Laughlin/Bullhead and down past topock to the top of Havasu. And the water temperature in the main body of the river is a lot cooler than in the calm shallow areas of the big lakes...
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    honest car mechanic in boulder city or nearby henderson?

    as opposed to the machine shop i asked about a couple of threads ago-- how about an honest, family-car mechanic that my wife can feel comfortable going to? preferably in boulder city, (since that's where our house is), but henderson is ok too. most of my personal wrenching time is taken...
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    willow beach to cottonwood?

    been thinking of doing it soon here. are there any navigation hazards (shallow spots) between those two? been doing the lakes since i began boating 4 years ago, (have-a-screw, mo-choppy, and mead), but kinda sketched out on the river. been on the river only a few times putting in at needles...
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    good machine shop in boulder city/henderson/vegas?

    i need to get some valve reliefs ground into the piston tops of my race car motor--switching to a new set of heads with bigger intake valves. i live in a small town in socal, (santa barbara), but i have a second home near lake mead in boulder city now, and i fly for free. sooo... since vegas is...
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    good and fair prop shop near boulder city?

    of course, Henderson is near boulder, too. anyway, I have a stainless prop that I bought for a good price... because some amateur tried to work it a little. now it's a little warped or out of balance or something... but the blades are in great shape as in smooth edges with no nicks, curls...
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    BMW ///M5, black on black, 400hp/6-speed maunal

    i can NOT believe this... wife is having second thoughts about selling... again... sale on hold for now -peter