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    WTB 27’ or 28’ Trophy plus or bravo

    Repowered my 20.8 Sebring with a 300 so all my props are worthless now. Looking for something in the 27-28 range to start with. Have a 23&25 trophys and a 24 re4 mazco to trade if anyone’s looking for any of that. Shoot me a text. 7147423275
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    WTB Mcintyre spot

    Any spots available at Macintyre? Looking for something under 10k. Good entry level type deal. What’s out there ?!
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    2007 LBZ duramax 2500hd classic

    Selling my 2007 lbz duramax. Bought it a few months back with plans to buy a trailer but decided I need to buy a house first. Donʼt need a diesel. Truck has 135k miles on it. 4x4 works great. Truck is extremely clean and was just detailed with a paint sealant applied. Just had a new Garrett...
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    *diesel gurus* Efi live/LBZ duramax back to stock help

    Got myself in a bit of a predicament. Bought a 07 classic ext cab 4x4 lbz (my dream truck) last week. It came with a straight pipe and efi live with the dsp5 switch on it. Previous owner had it installed by a shop instead of buying the autocal device with the tube loaded on it which means I have...
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    2004 2500HD duramax 4.4 low miles

    Selling my very clean 2004 duramax with only 80,000 miles. Bought it a few months back with plans to buy a trailer but some things came up and it’s looking like I’m going to move out of state and it has to go. I’m the second owner, first owner was very meticulous with maintenance(have receipts...
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    2500HD 4x4 4” Rancho lift kit

    Just took this off my truck. Every part is there minus two u bolts for the rear that I had to cut off. Everything’s in good shape no cracks. First 400$ takes it. 1800$ brand new. Call/text with any questions 7147423275
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    2010 GMC Sierra 1500

    Trucks for sale time to make the jump to a 4x4 diesel 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 2wd 103k miles Trucks in great shape and has been well taken care of. Been a garage queen for the last few years since I’ve had a company vehicle. Mainly gets driven to the river a few times a month and...
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    Hoshizaki 50lb ice maker

    Came across this thing brought it home planning to use it and now I don’t see getting a riverhouse in the forseable future. Tested it out hooked up to the hose in the garage and it works great. Makes 50lbs a day. Fits under a countertop. Retail new for 1900 seen em used for 800-1200. I’ll take...
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    Need boat cover cleaned near Norco

    Got the boat home doing some maintenance and want to have my canvas cover and outboard cover washed. Even inside my storage unit the thing gets super dusty. Any recommendations in this neck of the woods?
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    LS motor shop needed in Riverside/orange county area

    My 2010 GMC Sierra has one of the DOD lifters going out. The ticking is getting worse and worse and I need to quit putting this off . I need to find a shop to do a DOD delete kit, new Cam, etc. then re tune it on the Dyno. There’s a few good ones I’ve been referred to but there in agora hills...
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    [WTS] Merc 2.5 260

    Hey guys. Decided to get rid of this 260 I bought awhile back. Originally it was going to replace my promax on my lavey craft but that damn motors been running so good all summer I decided why mess up a good thing for 8mph. So the 260s for sale. Has 96 original hours. I went through everything...
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    Sea star pro hydraulic steering outboard

    Bought this for my boat but decided to go side steer. In perfect working condition. Just need correct length hoses for your boat. 700$ 7147423275 Text for more pics
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    So cal outboard mechanic

    Can anyone recommend a good ob mechanic in the oc/inland empire area?got a 225 promax on my 20.8 Sebring and I’m Getting a Brucato ACU and ditchin the oil injection and idle stabilizer modules etc and I want someone that knows these motors to set the timing after I get rid of all this shit. I...
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    WTB hydraulic steering setup for merc200/sst combo

    Trying to get rid of my cables without breaking the bank on a brand new system. Need a standard front mount for my 2.5/ sst combo. Brand doesn't matter. As long as it's in decent shape. Pm or text 7147423275 I know someone has somethin Layin around!
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    Carrera sst/ merc 200 xri

    Got the thing out for a shake down at Elsinore today. Have a few questions.first is there a trim limiter on this thing? Just when I started to pack a bit of air the trim limited out. There's a wedge between the jack plate and motor bracket that angles the motor down more. I think if I yanked...
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    Bobs low water pickup cracking?

    Just picked up a carrera sst with a 200xri on it. Has a bobs low water pickup on the lowerunit and I noticed each side had a 3-4" crack where the seam is. The p/o said he sent it to Florida (where bobs shop is) and I assume they weld them on. I'm pretty sure it's just the epoxy or whatever...
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    99' Carrera 20' stt

    Figured I'd throw up a thread for the boat I just picked up. It's was a bit of a barn find from a family friend. Wasn't really in the market for a boat right away after selling my hallett bubbledeck but came across this thing and couldn't pass it up. Not sure if carrera got the mold from...