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  1. Luvnlife

    Black Police Officer Shot and Killed In St Louis

    I just saw this on Instagram. Kind of makes all this bullshit protesting looting black lives matter antifa holding the black man down bullshit null and void. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Luvnlife

    Best Degreaser

    So what have you guys found that works best in a pressure washer? Son wants to clean and paint some of his frame, chassis and suspension with Steel It. Thanks
  3. Luvnlife

    GM CP 4 Fuel Pump Lawsuit

    What’s the latest? I can’t seem to find any updates. Thanks
  4. Luvnlife

    What Type of Elec Connection Is This

    What do they call this and are there different sizes. Can I get an extension cord with these type of ends or get the ends and make one? Thanks
  5. Luvnlife

    Recommendation For Fiberglass/Gelcoat Repair in Havasu

    Buddy at work had an oops and backed into a pole. Yea I know LOL. Anyway how about some recommendations on a shop. Boat is an early model Advantage Party Cat. Thanks
  6. Luvnlife

    Hey Duramax Experts

    2003 LB7. All stock. Hard cold starting, hot starts are fine. If I plug it in it usually starts fine but really shouldn’t even have to plug it in, the temp is like 30. Hook my scanner to it and rail pressure before start up is 178. When it starts rail pressure at idle is just above 5000. I can...
  7. Luvnlife

    2003 Duramax Waterpump

    Any of you guys know the apron going price to have one replaced. I hear they are kind of a bitch. Private shop price not stealership. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mine Graduated Too

    Valedictorian...On to ASU I
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    2003 Duramax 2500HD Fuel Sending Unit

    My fuel guage is showing empty with the light on. Yes the tank is full[emoji6] I'm guessing its the fuel sending unit and I'll have to drop the tank. Anyway to test the sending unit before I drop it? Any tips on dropping it? Any info? Thanks in addvance
  10. Luvnlife

    Gun Magazines (Reading)

    What magazines do you guys get? I already get American Rifleman but I'm looking for a tactical mag. Something with a good balance of handgun and rifle content. Need something to red by the pool. What do you guys recommend. [emoji379]
  11. Luvnlife

    Wake Board Issue Solved

    Now we know, "We Make Waves"
  12. Luvnlife

    M1 Garand

    Who else has one here? Let's start a discussion about it. Ive had mine probably thirty years and am itching to get it out and start shooting it a lot more. Got mine from CMP by shooting in a match, paid I think 80 bucks for it.
  13. Luvnlife

    2017 Ford Eco Boost

    How do you get the drain plug out. Just want to make sure I don't break it. It's plastic[emoji848]
  14. Luvnlife

    Barren Weed Killer

    Anyone use it? How well does it work? How long is it good for before having to apply again? Do you still have to pull and rake up what's left of the weeds or is nothing left? Where can I buy it in AZ? Anything better? Thanks in advance.
  15. Luvnlife

    Irish Car Bombs

    Got all the right ingredients and had some for patty's day. Damn they were good
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    At the outside bar
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    Little tri tip anyone

  18. Luvnlife

    Shop To Install Leveling Kit

    In the Victorville area. Buddy has a 2017 F-150 and needs a shop to install a leveling kit that he already has. Which shops are good in the Victorville area? Thanks
  19. Luvnlife

    M1 Garland Adj Gas Block

    Anyone have an M1Garand and run an adjustable gas block? I'm looking at getting one from GarandGear and looking for anyone's experience, thanks
  20. Luvnlife

    NHRA on TV Starting

    Just a heads up for anyone wanting to watch[emoji106]