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  1. OC Mike

    My boat sunk this weekend!

    Sorry about your loss, but thanks for posting. Through this thread I have learned about 'pickling.' Always more to learn. Best wishes on your outcome...
  2. OC Mike

    Trump supporter murdered

    You guys are completely missing the OP's point... This...Wisconsin GOP chairman calls Black Trump supporter's murder 'a low point': 'It is scary, it is terrifying'
  3. OC Mike

    Fun day atMead

    NOOOOO, don’t be posting all this goodness. Lake Mead is Closed.......
  4. OC Mike

    Can a prop be shiny again?

    Stainless Steel pot scrubber and plain water every time it comes out.
  5. OC Mike

    100 Octane Pump and Mussel fee sticker

    Nickey Petroleum at Lakeview and Mira Loma in Anaheim has Sunoco Nickeypetroleum.com
  6. OC Mike

    She’s on the lift.

    Maybe the coolest paint job ever!! Well done................
  7. OC Mike

    1977 Spectra 24 resuscitation

    Yes, this is a very interesting, cool story. Is there an ending somewhere?
  8. OC Mike

    Gold Digger

  9. OC Mike

    She’s on the lift.

    Coolest Boat on the water. Nicely done...:cool::cool::cool:
  10. OC Mike

    Not sure I would have gone this route to save my sinking boat

    Can't beat STUPID!!!!!
  11. OC Mike

    Schiada age limit lol

    Haven't owned one......................yet. About 25 years ago, I was ready to move from jets, got the V-drive itch. Didn't happen, moved on to outdrives. This thread isn't helping........ Schiada's are pure water jewelry....
  12. OC Mike

    MLB Players report July 1st

    Pretty much sums it up. Big sports fan here with emphasis on Baseball. I'm getting very tired of listening to whiney, over paid players. We'll see...........
  13. OC Mike

    Ventura Electrician Needs to Change His Company Name to DCB Electric.

    That's some nice work. He won't have any issues...
  14. OC Mike

    Windline still in Bus?

    Windline's phone number goes to 'Global Star', then voice mail hell. Website has been down with maintenance for about 3 weeks. Are they still in Business? Need a few parts for my ladder.
  15. OC Mike

    A little Paul Harvey.

    Paul Harvey is/was the BEST.... Thanks for sharing..
  16. OC Mike

    Punk knocks 92 yr old to the ground in Manhattan

    Little Punk, truly Despicable. If the colors were reversed, it would be National News.
  17. OC Mike

    Pulled the trigger-2020 Ram 1500 Diesel Limited

    Nice score. Keeps us updated how you like it. Been thinking of the new Small Diesels...
  18. OC Mike

    Concrete cutting

    Yup, Skaggs, right here in Placentia...
  19. OC Mike

    Worth saving?

    Just Grease the wheel bearings to make it road worthy?????????????????? 😅😅😅