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    [SOLD] Bigtex utility trailer 5X8

    Big tex 5X8 utility trailer. New tires and new deck with treated lumber. Solid condition and good paint. 2 inch ball. Trailer has ramps that also act as a tailgate. Have title in my name and current registration. It's a badass little trailer that doesn't take up much room. No need to get...
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    Construction personalities

    Reading through the being late thread got me thinking about some of the people I've met or had to work with in the past 15 years in commercial construction. I've seen quite a bit but do have some memories that I'll probably never forget. One superintendent I worked with was so high strung, one...
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    WTS: Ruger 10/22 rifle with ammo and TP

    Unfired Ruger 10/22 Rifle with stainless barrel and wood stock. Original owner. Comes with original box and plastic wrap. Included is a box of Remington 22LR 225ct. and a roll of quality toilet paper. Neat setup with the wood stock and stainless barrel without the ugly barrel strap like on other...
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    3 phase electrical ammeter

    Need some help on trying to figure out an ammeter for a 3 phase electric motor. Motor is a Baldor EM2334T 20hp electric motor. 3 phase wired for 480 volts and rated at 24 amps. There is an analog Simpson ammeter with transformer installed now. 0-150 is the range. Question is, should the load on...
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    WTS: Sig Sauer and Kimber

    Have 2 guns to sell. Sig Sauer M11-A1 in tan color. 9mm with probably 300 rounds through it. (3) 15 rd mags. Will include 200 rounds of 9mm. $1000 sold Kimber Pro Carry HD II in 38 super. Probably 200 rounds through it. (2) mags. Will include 100 rounds of 38 super. $1000 SOLD I'm an Arizona...
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    Looking for analog meter gauges

    I picked up a piece of equipment and am looking for some analog meters but am having a hard time finding some "newer" gauges. What I need is an AC ammeter 0-50 and an AC volt meter for 480 volts. Looking for a 3" to 3-1/4" square gauge. I know Blue Sea Systems has an ammeter but not a volt meter...
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    Denver, Colorado

    Where is a good area to hotel over night in South Denver? First time here and with my luck I'll end up in the gnarly part. Red pin is where I'll be for this trip.
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    [WTS] Couch

    Like new couch. No rips or stains. About 4 feet deep and 8 feet long. Was $10k new. Asking $700 obo. Will deliver. In Blythe right now and can go to Parker or Havasu. Otherwise location is Phoenix
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    [WTB] Whaler style boat

    I'm looking for a whaler style boat if anyone is looking to sell or knows of one for sale. Turn key and I'd prefer a BBC/V-drive setup but will consider a BBC with a mercruiser style outdrive. I've been looking and it looks like Howard and Schiada made quite a few. What other manufactures made...
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    [WTS] Kelderman air ride Ford F250 F350

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    What car did you first pull a trailer with?

    2005 F250 6 liter. Moving seadoos from storage to house. Glad I had 3/4 ton to handle those things.
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    [WTS] F250 F350 Wheels and tires

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    What car did you first get pulled over in?

    1990 Dodge Dakota. Turd brown paint, limo tint, and a loud stereo in the regular cab. 16 y/o driving home from a high school night class at San Clemente HS. Auto 100. Was fixing the exhaust manifold. Anyways cop pulls me over on Ortega hwy and didn't really explain why. Truck had expired tags...
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    Nitto tires

    Over the years I have had 22 nitto tires on my trucks, 3/4 and 1 ton. Terra Grapplers and Dura Grapplers. Trucks don't tow heavy or very much. Yesterday this happened for the 8th time. Broken belts in the tire so there is a lump in the tread. Was coming back from the river and knew what happened...
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    Sheave pully, where to buy?

    I goofed up this sheave while removing it from a 24HP Honda engine. Setup for v belts. 5 groove, 4 same, plus 1. Square key and I think 1" pto shaft. Where are some places that have this stuff? The manufacturer of the equipment is no longer in business (Target Concrete Equipment).
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    The Ford Mustang

    I swear mustangs and their owners exist just to cause the world pain. Everytime something dumb happens on the road it's a mustang that's involved. It's not even 7 and I'm already seeing this today on my way to Ca.
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    Propane engine for indoor use?

    What are the details for running a propane engine indoors? Here's what I'm looking to do. I picked up a concrete saw with a 16hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Want to convert it to propane so I can cut indoors. I know it still emits exhaust gasses. I've searched the internet but can't get a solid...
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    Ford F250. Converting 2wd to 4wd.

    For my next project I'm converting my 2wd F250 to 4wd. Reason for doing this is because where I moved to the terrain calls for 4wd as where in Ca mostly everything is compact. The truck is a 2002 F250. Parts were sourced from model year 99-04 trucks. Early 99 Fords have some different parts. The...
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    [WTS] 5th wheel hitch. Reese slider.

    Reese slider 5th wheel hitch. 16K rating. Manual slider and fits in standard rails. Slides are clean and smooth. The head can be separated from the slider for 1 person loading. It's no fancy auto slider but a basic low tech low failure hitch and doesn't weigh a crapload and doesn't take up all...
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    Dana 60 rebuild

    Looking for a shop in the Chino area to rebuild a Dana 60. I picked up a Dana 60 from a 2004 Ford. It needs ball joints, axle seals, unit bearings, pinion seal, gear oil. It's just a complete axle by itself, so bench work.