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  1. kiethco

    Paul Winer naked bookseller dies

    Paul, the naked guy that owned the bookstore in Quartszite has passed. The guy was a trip and the store was actually a pretty good stop in you were in the area. Right up there with Silly Als! RIP cool dude!
  2. kiethco

    Storage options

    I brought my boat back to So Cal a few months ago, I had indoor storage for 185.00 a month in Havasu. I got outdoor for the same money by Long Beach airport. I had a guy do this today. a grand turn key. The rain stick didn't work so good this last weekend. I have to put a battery in to lower the...
  3. kiethco

    Need a Bravo 3

    Looking for a Bravo 3 outdrive.
  4. kiethco

    Wisdom from Hot Boat and Powerboat magazines from 1999 to 2009.

    I got a crapload of magazines from a RDP'er a few weeks ago. The timeline for boats, designs, and the crash is sobering. One guy was excited about his construction business having contracts for the next 4 years, this was in 2004. Boat builders were going bigger and more exotic. The John West...
  5. kiethco

    Great experience with Outlaw Boat Transport

    I had my boat brought from Havasu to So Cal this weekend. So easy very reasonable since I was able to work with their schedule in case they had a dead head run. I couldn't resist messin' with Darrin, the driver. When I met him I asked him where my boat is> I said my boat's yellow, the one he...
  6. kiethco

    I'm bringing my boat to Long Beach, does anyone want a 10x30 enclosed storage

    I've got storage next to Adrenaline, behind Cheetah boats. I haven't decided if I want to keep it or not. It's $160.00 a month for the garage with a light and electrical outlet. If anyone wants it let me know by the end of the month.
  7. kiethco

    Regular boat service, winning!

    I have an older boat, 1991 Sleekcraft, 500 hours on hull and Bravo 1 330 h.p. package. Just a solid, older boat that really suits our needs. I keep my boat in Havasu, on the recommendation of a lot of people here, I had So Cal Marine pick it up for service. I called January 25th, George had it...
  8. kiethco

    Divorce sale

    Neighbor lady got it in the divorce and has no use for it. I'll take 8500.00 for it or trade for comp priced economy car.
  9. kiethco

    Amazon wont ship Rotopax gas can to CA?

    Is there an issue with the cap? I placed the order then at check out Amazon said they can't ship to my address. It's a neat 3.5 gallon, 21 inches tall, 4,5 wide. Perfect for behind my buggy seat. I went to the Rotopax website and the order went through, I'm guessing it'll get caught in shipping...
  10. kiethco

    What is it?

    Spotted on a trailer in the South Bay, Northrop-Gruman, El Segundo
  11. kiethco

    Boat carpet in Havasu

    My boat's next door to Adrenaline Detail and Cheetah Boats. Anyone have a resource for just carpet? The interior is fine, really good. Just the carpet is thinning. I got a great recommendation for my bimini and color sanding on RDP, here's hoping for the same luck on carpet. I'd need someone...
  12. kiethco

    4 blade Bravo 24p, 5 blade high five 21p Both Stainless and pristine

    $300.00 each, the 5 blade comes complete with hub kit I'm in Lakewood but go to Hollywood, LA daily so delivery around So Cal is possible. 562 244 0244 Thanks, Kieth
  13. kiethco

    Finished bimini from Michelle at Custom Canvas

    What an easy person to deal with. Like a lot of boaters my time is precious, who's isn't these days? 3 weeks ago I asked RDP'ers for a recommendation on a new bimini. There were a few favorably mentioned. I called one, sorta randomly, on a Sunday afternoon. It was Michelle, she answered and was...
  14. kiethco

    Michelle sent a pic of bimini top progress

    Looking good so far, just the fabric. The 20" center mesh is sweet. The colors are just enough without being distracting. She's been a pleasure to work with. I hope it's ok to give her a plug in here. Michelle @ Custom Canvas, 928 505 1001
  15. kiethco

    Bimini mounting location

    I had Michelle look at my boat and measure for a top. She wants to mount it to the railing shown in the picture with pointer vs the old inboard mounting points in the other picture. After thinking about it, I'm not sure how that's gonna look attached to the rail and long term torque. Anyone...
  16. kiethco

    I need a Bimini place in Havasu

    I wasn't sure if i5was going to replace the generic 6 footer this season, but it looks like I've got the time and opportunity. Does anyone have a source for a custom made unit?
  17. kiethco

    Would you buy insurance from this guy?

    Hanging out with Andy Holthe, his mom and Vern, goofin' off in the London Bridge channel back in 1986 or so. Andy used to be skinny, lol. Didn't we all?????? The channel sure has changed. Andy's on my shoulders.
  18. kiethco

    Sold this boat today, thx Rusty and Ultra

    Last Memorial Day Monday I was putting my boat in storage, my boating season over, when I ran into Rusty and crew at their shop. Ultra builds a great boat and they're plenty busy. Still, they took my boat in. Most custom shops wouldn't touch a job like mine, I get it, but I get the feeling Rusty...
  19. kiethco

    1989 Sleekcraft Executive $7800.00 OBO

    454 Bravo one and outdrive. Low hours, 360, just gone through by Ultra boats, 1/15/2017. Over 4k in reciepts. I replaced all plexiglass in April 2016 for $1500.00. New Shifter and steering wheel, new carpet. $1500.00 stereo, 2k spent on trailer including new brakes, actuator and bunks with...
  20. kiethco

    Someone was looking for new logo decals (pics)

    http://shop.domednumbers.com/product/sleek-powerboats Domednumbers.com had a proof ready on about an hour today. Looks like factory Magic, Sleek or whatever you have if you look on their website. They can do custom from your art or pic as well. A little spendy at $50.00 each but you don't...