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    Looking for a skier for catalina

    I think I may have a skier for you. He's skied Catalina before, and is in great shape. Can you PM me? He just raced at Bluewater and did very well. Or email me at WeimLuvvr@aol.com. Thank You!
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    Channel boat explosion video.....why I hate lake lice.

    This was a serious accident, a lot of people were injured, including children. Okay so call me old fashioned, but I ALWAYS MAKE SURE that my husband / sons/ whoever I am boating with....not only turns on the blower but LIFTS THE HATCH before starting the boat! I am sincerely sorry and sad for...
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    Maha 360

    I just posted one for $500 obo
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    Maha fiberglass 360 sell or trade

    I am selling my sons 360 ($500 obo) or trading for a race ski (maha longboard, DC etc) Ski is in great shape with HO high wrap adjustable front binding in XL.
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    Strokes has wifi!

    I haven't had a chance to try to Pot Pies yet....thanks for the heads up!!
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    Strokes has wifi!

    I think it was early October....not sure but that's what it seems like. Not much longer than that anyways. I think it's gonna be a lot better than before, even, when they get the kinks worked out! They have some good ideas. Oh, and the place is all decked out for the holidays already..it looks...
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    Strokes has wifi!

    What were the problems they encountered? I know that they were super busy during dinner time over the weekend, so maybe they had to wait a long time? I saw the new owners in there themselves hustling...bussing tables, etc so I know they were putting the effort in. Maybe they(the new owners)...
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    Strokes has wifi!

    Well Foxes may have free wi-fi, but Strokes has great food AND free wi-fi! Their new "winter menu" is out, different specials every night of the week. You can pick one up if you go in. Oh and they have new appetizers, too, like zucchini sticks! And new and better soups, too, like the WHITE...
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    STROKE'S in Parker has new owners !

    We just got home from Stroke's, just had a great Monday Night Football experience ! They have already made some improvements, most notably a new 70 inch HD Vizio...WAY BETTER! The menu and staff will remain the same....it's all good! I had the chicken enchiladas tonight, they were excellent...
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    Catalina Ski Race pics (from the air)

    yes...that was me. Green top, lol. And yeah you can bag on the out of focus shots! I have some decent ones taken from my camera https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150315998983894.389403.640578893&l=f054653753..of the finish if you're interested, stood outside the Bakery on the QM right...
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    Catalina Ski Race pics (from the air)

    Yes my husband took these from the small black one..I was on the QM too! Todd's brother was on the bigger one...
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    Catalina Ski Race pics (from the air)

    Hopefully this works, link to the pics on my Facebook :Dhttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150315931688894.389378.640578893&l=ea082a89b8
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    Any information on the boat crash last night?

    We were at Fox's somewhere arount 9-10 last night, saw the fireboat go by heading up river with lights and sirens, followed by police and ambulances on the highway behind Fox's , then 2 helicopters. When we left Fox's we cruised on up as close as we could and it appeared as though a wakeboard...
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    Wheeler? Did you get any pics today?

    My husband is pestering me :blah:to pester you...because he "saw you out there takin' pics today" So...there. I asked! You have gotten some great shots of our son skiing in the past...thanks for all the great photos!
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    Wrap around line

    I am interested in this stuff for my sons... Thanks!
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    River Motorsports: 2 thumbs down

    :champagne::D :D:champagne:
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    River Motorsports: 2 thumbs down

    Here they are...all 3 of them! Be sure to look for us out on the river! :cool:
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    River Motorsports: 2 thumbs down

    so...RioDog, I see you have a photo of your breakfast posted as YOUR Avatar, what should I post a photo of?;)