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    Saleen Pedro..?

    Is he a member here? My primo just started a week long trip in havi and the boat was taking on alot of water on one side while slipped, I told him last night to trailer it leave the plugs in and come back in the am to check for leaks..sure as shit water is coming out one of the sponsons. I don't...
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    Lake Tahoe boat rentals?

    Anyone have a good rental spot for boats private or marina shops to rent something?
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    Easy Up needed and what else for this heatwave?

    Headed to Havasu this weekend and holy chit 120s roughly for days wow. I need an easy up, maybe a lily pad if anyone has one to let go or has a go to spot. What else do we need besides SPF1000..?
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    Tesla solar vs other brands?

    I got spun out on solar research, Tesla solar panels @ 16.32kw is like $22k with no battery back ups after credits. Although I like the solar roof idea better but not the price plus I'm really not ready for a new roof but it may be considered 🤔 Is there better ways to go for a cash system?
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    Shutdown 2.0

    Bars, beaches, LA, Havi..What now? Keep the Nautical reservations?? Hope a few houses cancel and we can grab one finally??? Throw the towel in and say fuck it let Biden win...wtf...
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    Staying @ LB resort this week and don't need a slip?

    Anyone staying here this week through the weekend and not taking a slip? They're only giving slips to guests, if you don't need one I'll take one. Just throwing it out there to see if I can get one. Or of you booked 2 rooms and only need 1 slip maybe I can get the extra one??
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    Old Playboy issues, trash or?

    Anyone have a collection? Just found these in a house, gonna dump unless someone wants? They were wrapped up in a box I dunno 🤷‍♂️ Jan 1992 Swedish Bikini Team Feb 1993 Stephanie Seymour Feb 1987 Jun 1991 Dec 1991 Dian Parkinson Dec 1985 Goldie Hawn May 1987 Vanna White Sept 1988 Jessica Hahn...
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    History on this Cheetah 28 deck?

    Anyone know this one or some history?
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    Worst boat of all time?

    Nursing back to health today, cleaning up some of the messes from the weekend and I thought I don't think I've seen this before. So, what's the worst boat that came out or company that came up and went away and has no history? I know there's some real good old timers that seen a lot over the...
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    Az boat purchase avoiding red flags with cash deal?

    I want to purchase a boat that's in Az in duffle bag style, its private party so I understand no sales tax but any reporting concerns I should think about? Has anyone done a green deal and registered it under an LLC or corp name? I'm thinking of buying there and leaving there not take it into...
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    A pool with no light..?!

    Anyone come across this scenario?! I bought a house that was roached out but the owner had the pool plastered recently, I thought cool 5k less I would have to put into the budget. We get a few weeks in and I realize theres no light, or niche, nada..wtf. I'm thinking they had a problem with it...
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    (WTR) 1 Month Rental Havi pool home.?

    I'm kicking around the idea of doing a rental for 1 month, maybe 2, this summer. I would rather have a 4 bedroom but 3 would work..2 masters even better. Pool, private kinda yard would be great to have block walls instead of chain link. Views of lake, sure why not. 4 kids 2 adults, socialism flu...
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    Will Havasu open wide up tomorrow??

    How many cases are there? Based on what Trump just announced will they go for it??
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    Ca Real ID or just renew DL??

    Anyone switched over to the Ca Real ID? Just got my DL renewal which I can do by mail with no hassles, or they give you the option to come in and get the new fangled Real ID. Do it or not?? I know nothing about it..
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    36" dual fuel range needed..?

    Anyone have a line on a 36 pro style range? Replacing a kitchenaid architect series, first time in my life I've ever used the self clean function..now I know why I've never done it, I toasted it. Scratch n dent is ok if not too bad, mine has the center grill which I actually Q up steaks nicely...
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    Just snagged my kid..

    Fam went to dinner had a good time, got home said he had to take a dump..odor creeping in the upstairs the fucker was doing a vape in there. He's 13. I think it's a weed one idk. I want to kick his ass. I never kicked his ass before, I'm at a loss super bummed out. Been hearing about this vape...
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    Dump Trailer wanted asap

    I'm looking for a dump trailer asap, bumper pull, would like a 3 or 4 foot, and not at all a 2'. Hydro, dual axle at least. thanks
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    Looking for 5 month rental

    I'm looking for around June-Oct, 3 bedroom minimum, boat garage, pool/entertaining yard, views, turn key setup. Let me know if you've got a place you don't want to worry about with every weekends warriors. Me, wife, 2 good kids, and a hand size Chihuahua once in a while who is crated in my own...
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    Escalade Lease ?

    Can anyone here help with a lease or shed light on their own Escalade lease? I want to lease one and want to make sure I don't get hosed. Does Jay Photoglou have someone or can he help at all? Thanks.