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    Maha fiberglass 360 sell or trade

    I am selling my sons 360 ($500 obo) or trading for a race ski (maha longboard, DC etc) Ski is in great shape with HO high wrap adjustable front binding in XL.
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    Catalina Ski Race pics (from the air)

    Hopefully this works, link to the pics on my Facebook :Dhttps://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150315931688894.389378.640578893&l=ea082a89b8
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    Any information on the boat crash last night?

    We were at Fox's somewhere arount 9-10 last night, saw the fireboat go by heading up river with lights and sirens, followed by police and ambulances on the highway behind Fox's , then 2 helicopters. When we left Fox's we cruised on up as close as we could and it appeared as though a wakeboard...
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    Wheeler? Did you get any pics today?

    My husband is pestering me :blah:to pester you...because he "saw you out there takin' pics today" So...there. I asked! You have gotten some great shots of our son skiing in the past...thanks for all the great photos!
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    River Motorsports: 2 thumbs down

    So...I just want to make everyone aware, yes there is a "new" shop in town, and since it's often a long wait to get your stuff worked on at Parker Yamaha, I gave them a try. Took my GSX there and told them it was leaking, and not running well. They put in a part, charged me over $400 and assured...
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    Need an XL Wet Suit for "new" competitor

    My son raced for the first time at Puddingstone, and we will be there for the Parker races. He needs a wet suit, though. We were out last weekend and it's getting cold. He has a regular spring suit with long sleeves and short legs, we are looking for a Wing or a DC with built in flotation made...