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    Jack in the box has tiny tacos.... They also have tiny taco nachos... My asshole hurts.... That is all.
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    Repealing Prop 13

    2-4% prop tax increase no thanks.
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    Pics from 2020

    What's this one?
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    Bernie.....Text reply suggestion.

    The Russians want Bernie to win because he's a communist like them. Where's McCarthy when you need him?
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    To the LEO on here

    Bet that backpack is part of this guys normal outfit. Maybe take a cruise around one night around the same time the truck got broken into.
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    Denver, Colorado

    Sounds like a shitty deal. Denver is a cool town and was alot different than what i expected. Dont let this crappy experience turn you off. There is alot of fun to be had there. Sorry this trip sucked. Diid you drive out through grand junction? That may be one of the pretiest stretches of road...
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    Denver, Colorado

    Check out the 1 up bar and el chapultepec in lodo. 1up is a classic arcade bar and el chapultepec is an old jazz club. Lots of great live music in lodo. Pick the spot that sounds best and wander in.
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    Back yard ideas....

    Swim uP bar.
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    Bring the Water!! Wonder how CA will fight back!

    Wasn't this an expansion on an existing reservoir? Could have built 75 water desal plants with that money.
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    Bring the Water!! Wonder how CA will fight back!

    Fifty five gallons? Not if Trump has anything to say about it lol. California last built a brand new reservoir in the 60s. Meanwhile our population has tripled. Yes there is a drought. There will always be a drought until we build the infastructure to match the population. It's not ticket...
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    My niece is missing!!

    Keeping an eye out in OC can you give a description of the boyfriend?
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    Hellcat RAM Pick Up??

    Been watching this one come together for years. Between this and the bronco there are some cool new toys about to hit the market.
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    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    Lyle Lovett in Escondido tonight. Gonna be a long day...
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    Open borders for all

    If they dont care about their own population enough to stop it then why should we? If the president of mexico picked up the phone and asked trump for help, help would come.
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    Hmm......is this gonna help or nope!

    That defeats the whole point.
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    Hmm......is this gonna help or nope!

    Gears and supercharger with new computer map. All told cheaper than taking the bath on the truck.
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    Pet peeve’s

    so you're the asshole....
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    addicted to YouTube?

    There's a program that will convert your Spotify playlist to YouTube. Doing that and then going to the you tube reccomends has introduced me to a ton of new music but it's a rabbit hole for sure. I have had to put the kibosh on letting my kids watch all the crap on there but they love it. Alex...
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    Electric city butcher

    I'm a big fan of the El Toro meat market in lake Forest.
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    New Mercury Racing Outboard Released

    Advancements in technology my ass. An ss or f1 two stroke weighed 7 more pounds than this pig and put out 140 and 220 more horsepower respectively. This should not be wearing an r moniker. The tohatsu ia lighter than this thing but that may be because the tohatsu is spinning a plastic prop.lol.