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  1. TPC

    Riding Trip to Outlet Center

    Last time we tried the entrance was too deeply rutted out to get in off Outlet Center Dr. We had to camp by the Slash X. Has that situation been ironed out?
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    AAA tickets or search for a coupon.
  3. TPC

    PowerUp oil additive

    My GM truck owners manual says that stuff already is in motor oils with the Starburst on the side of the container. No need to, and not recommended to add anything.
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    School me on Moab

  5. TPC

    School me on Moab

    As far as we experienced you can ride to anyplace from anyplace. Even the girl that owns the KOA said she's never heard of anyone being hassled.
  6. TPC

    School me on Moab

    No problems at all. As friendly a SxS town as you will ever find. Even a few lanes on the streets set aside for them. Eddie McStiffs was a fun bar. Smokin' hot bartenders last we visited. We liked Pasta Jays. I forget what we ordered but it was really good: You can get a UTAH OHV sticker...
  7. TPC

    GS Cookies the Stoners Choice

    The original Lemonades are back. A BFD to my stoner friends. Last year 3 different suppliers and they all messed them up. I always buy $20 of several flavors and give them to skinny bartender chix I know. The kinda girls that seem to lose weight eating this stuff.
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    So Whats for Breakfast?

    Nothing like a fresh made Belgian waffle with sugar crystals in the mix and real maple syrup for dinner. Thick cut bacon tops it off.
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    Heading North to Victorville

    I take the 14 to the 58 to the 15. All the same to me.
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    addicted to YouTube?

    Tanks and Stalingrad today. YouTube, Prime and Netflix. YouTubes free and we're paying for Direct that we hardly watch anymore.
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    El Queso Grande Johnsontina

    RD cleans up dapper.
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    So Whats for Breakfast?

    Once a week and it's free. Family member is a major stockholder.
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    Anyone still use a Zippo?

    ,,,, and you light the cigar with style. Wave the flame around the tip a bit. Show some Panache'. Winston Churchill style.
  14. TPC

    Anyone still use a Zippo?

    It works or we fix it free.™ We don't make that promise lightly. We know that behind every Zippo Windproof Lighter sent for repair is an owner depending on our promise to get it back in working order. Whether a Windproof Lighter is 5 years, 25 years, or 50 years old, it will serve as a...
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    Anyone still use a Zippo?

    I had heard that Zippo will restore their lighters for just return postage. Dunno how true that is.
  16. TPC

    Anyone still use a Zippo?

    The sound of the lighter and smell of the fluid was a part of my childhood. My parents smoked and a Zippo was part of the lighting ritual.
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    So Whats for Breakfast?

  18. TPC

    New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences

    Yes. RD injured his foot but still holds immense power. And RD eliminated and merged the streaming section.
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    A mouse ate my boat part money...

    Week of the 24th the resort and parks will be a ghost town.
  20. TPC

    A mouse ate my boat part money...

    Ya caught it in time price increases once again about to take effect.