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  1. HST4ME

    The Outboard Church

    Evenings like that are priceless. Take advantage of it anytime you can.
  2. HST4ME

    Must be the air in Nashville...

    ugly people like to fuck too I guess...
  3. HST4ME

    Need the Inmate's help, please!

    Voted,,,the little blue eyed pup suuuure made it hard though 😉
  4. HST4ME

    Engine oil filters. To fill, or not to fill with oil on an installation

    I had a white deka for 12 years that was taken out of the boat in November..put in my basement on the concrete floor and put back in the boat in may. A charger might have touched that battery twice.
  5. HST4ME


    These dem debates are fucking priceless. 😂
  6. HST4ME


    LoL Pocahontas just savaged Bloomturd on the debates
  7. HST4ME

    The Outboard Church

    LoL...told you so! I'll see if I can get over to his house this week. The KN filter is off a honda street bike. Probably a cbr 600, thats what he rides.
  8. HST4ME

    Mercury 300 vs 350

    I'd choose the v-8 by far over the verado.
  9. HST4ME

    If Bloomberg chooses Hillary as VP.....

    How to fail at life #1
  10. HST4ME

    Daytona 500 going piss some people off.

    Gentlemen Grab Yore Pussies!!!!
  11. HST4ME

    This doesn't seem inclusive

    Deviant freaks.
  12. HST4ME

    Warrior Up, bunch of bastards. Their motto, shut down Canada

    "Enemies of the state foreign and domestic"
  13. HST4ME

    Good morning and happy Friday inmates

    Two fucking degrees out...i could use some number eight to warm up
  14. HST4ME

    New Mercury Racing Outboard Released

    They are made in china. So there is that to consider. Test run by Who Flung Poo. Kinda funny but just sayin' , all these R motors are pushing around "fishing boats" instead of racing. First place we used to see them is on the race course.
  15. HST4ME

    The lesser of evils..

    I'd vote 530 because he is perfect in every way, and wishy washy, wet sop of a dishrag Rod as his running mate to balance it all out. 🤗
  16. HST4ME

    What would be causing this??

    Where ever you see the fuzz, the coating is damaged or porous. Poor materials,improper coating, electrolysis, water quality and if the marina it was kept at had polarity issues all come into play.
  17. HST4ME

    What would be causing this??

    Channel piss?
  18. HST4ME

    ThunderCat on Craigslist

    I will never ever get in another one.