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  1. Carlson-jet

    Hey 4Waters....

    We had a member here named "Shadow"?
  2. Carlson-jet

    Water in the motor.

    Both you and I would whip the crap out of anything if it was just us to depend on it. I'm all about betting a nickle to a dollar if I have full control. Most boats die a slow or sudden death of pure neglect. I wrote a few sentences about tearing it apart for inspection. If said boat owner was...
  3. Carlson-jet

    Help Recall Gavin Newsom

    Boobyv said the will in California to recall the the most divisive Governor ever known to any State in the U.S. since 1776 is dead... Let that sink in.
  4. Carlson-jet

    Thank you Donald Trump!

    Yore buddy has a song just for you
  5. Carlson-jet

    Water in the motor.

    Since you are here and advocating just a head gasket and manifold gasket set. Does 20 years on any motor need more than gaskets to be reliable out on the water?
  6. Carlson-jet

    Super storm Sandy

    I did enjoy it. Thanks.
  7. Carlson-jet

    Denver, Colorado

    Just wondering what was chosen. Lived in Aurora. Many good areas but a few that were sketchy not too far from the point on the map.
  8. Carlson-jet

    Super storm Sandy

    Hard to believe a man who was born with bombs dropped from Nazi planes onto his homeland would team up with a socialist. I can appreciate the musak despite my indifference.
  9. Carlson-jet

    How's everyone doing on their taxes this year?

    I never lend the Government money.
  10. Carlson-jet

    Water pressure regulators/dumps

    Temp gauge and 1/2" ball valve plumbed up to the driver seat and back to the motor. Seemed to work well for many guys I know running Big HP. I Just use a ball valve and monitor the temp gauge.
  11. Carlson-jet

    Water in the motor.

    At 700 hours I would say the only things reusable are the block, crank and head castings. The rest is toast. Price it out. I think a mild big block built with reliability from a donor with all the necessary parts would give that added top end bang for the buck. 700 hours was a good run.
  12. Carlson-jet

    Got my son a dirt bike - - what else do I need?

    I spent more on riding gear than I did for the bikes. It only took one time overshooting a razorback that ended up being a 40 foot cliff. Bike took most of the hit but I did jamb my thumb pretty good. I was so happy I spent the extra money for protection.
  13. Carlson-jet

    Anyone ever have a business refuse to give

    Looks like we both learned lessons. I know what my boundaries are.
  14. Carlson-jet

    Anyone ever have a business refuse to give

    Before or after moneys are exchanged? Perhaps you are asking about a quote? I would never do business with any company that does not provide a quote unless I entered the E.R on a gurney unconscious.
  15. Carlson-jet

    Faster With Finnegan...

    Cool thread until Grady threw out his best. Now 18,000 members know why guys at the top of the media industry that used to post on the boat boards do not post here very often if at all.
  16. Carlson-jet

    496HO Oil

    Clean oil is better than dirty oil which is better than no oil. Very simple rule.
  17. Carlson-jet

    Anyone else hate the metric system?!?!

    The metric system ruined the 12-24 fastener. It is now trying to ruin the Gold weight system that was weird to begin with. :p
  18. Carlson-jet

    Grads for moderator

    I wouldn't chop the little guys brains off yet. :p
  19. Carlson-jet

    Anyone want to translate this license plate

    Must be a baker.
  20. Carlson-jet

    Looking for some info (superchargers)

    I think it is cool people have an interest in modding these little Jeeps. 👍