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  1. WhatExit?

    good morning inmates

    Love a hot woman with a “mustache”
  2. WhatExit?

    To the LEO on here

    Cmon Dave, this is 2020 and criminals and illegals have more "rights" than ever. Especially in Kookiefornia where the politicians have instituted "catch and release" from jail to save $ and lawsuits from overcrowding.
  3. WhatExit?

    Repealing Prop 13

    I don't need to start any posts about how focked up California is. There's one on here every few days and this proposition which likely will pass will add a bunch more nails to the coffin that is the Golden State.
  4. WhatExit?

    This thing looks fun!

    Towing that behind your party bus would be complete. Well, except you'd need a helicopter but I'm sure that's already on the list :D
  5. WhatExit?

    Before and After

    Maybe you should give a hug and then come :eek:
  6. WhatExit?

    Ocotillo Wells Trip Report

    Best thing about Ocotillo Wells is I know the Side-by-Sides, quads and most bikes won't be in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park because only street legal vehicles can ride there. I'll visit Ocotillo to see the sites and the crazies but I cruise most of it slowly due to all the kids and the SxS's...
  7. WhatExit?

    COSTCO Concierge vs LG 65" OLED FYI:

    Samsung for the win! You shouldn't need to keep your receipts from Costco (it's a good idea) - they can look up every purchase you've ever made on their computers. They changed their return policies on electronics and computers and some other items because people were just "borrowing them" and...
  8. WhatExit?

    So what you drive does matter

    Maybe it was when you asked her to help you put the sofa in your van? :eek:
  9. WhatExit?

    End of an era outside the Window

    Macys is busy closing stores
  10. WhatExit?

    If you've been banned...

    Maybe the name is used by someone else?
  11. WhatExit?

    Wrangler and Gladiator new Mojave Edition

    Guess you've never off roaded in a full-size pickup either. I get that "off roading" has different meanings to each person but unless you're doing serious rock crawling (and/or tight spaces) a full-size pickup truck with 4WD will do very well off road. And the Jeep Gladiator will do as well as...
  12. WhatExit?

    Wrangler and Gladiator new Mojave Edition

    You can't be serious..."useless for anything other than fire roads & trails with minimal inclines" - do you even go off road? 😲
  13. WhatExit?

    New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences

    Great work RD and team - like what you've done here 🥃
  14. WhatExit?

    What can a Firestick do?????

    My Firestik can only do CB comms. Oh wait, different Firestick...
  15. WhatExit?

    Work pics - Germany

    Are you going to 2020 Conexpo-Con/Agg in Vegas next month? If so, do you know if exhibitors can give out free passes for visitors? :D
  16. WhatExit?

    Anyone else have brooms standing up by themselves??

    What's the big deal?! Decades ago brooms learned to do more than stand up...
  17. WhatExit?

    JetBlue Airlines

    All airlines suck it's just a matter of how much (assuming you're flying coach). From my experience Jet Blue sucks a lot less than Southwest and I mean that in the most positive way :)
  18. WhatExit?

    Really? You Can't Figure This Out?

    I used to. It's called California :eek: