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    This just in - Masks do not protect you from wildfire particulate, but still stop the spread of COVID.

    In today’s version of Honk Honk world, I was told that masks will not work to keep harmful particulate from wildfires out of my lungs. But yet, these same masks will help stop the spread of COVID. For reference, the harmful wildfire particulate that my mask is ineffective at stopping is 25X...
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    Today’s lesson in freedom.. and shameless RDP plug.

    Took my daughter shooting with her new BB gun this morning. :) She’s getting the hang of it.
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    Havasu 3 bed/2 bath house, medium size boat garage, $299k

    This just came up for sale in my hood. Nice little 3 bed 2 bath place, on a quiet street. Garage can fit a 25 foot boat I believe, maybe more if you get creative. Bring a tape measure! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/365-Brewer-Way-Lake-Havasu-City-AZ-86404/8340752_zpid/
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    I 40 west stopped.

    Stopped around MM 40, Heading west Semi on fire, and man attempting to slit his throat with a knife on scene.
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    Newsom bans singing and chanting in places of worship

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/07/03/us/california-places-of-worship-pandemiic-trnd/index.html But scream, yell, and chant all you want if you are protesting or rioting!
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    More dumb CA crap... I have to smuggle in a garage door opener.

    Well my garage door opener took a dump today. CA says I must get one with a battery back up, and as such the Chamberlain jack shaft opener I like is not available for sale in this weather gifted state. I will have to order the opener for delivery to the Lowe’s in Havasu and smuggle it back...
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    [WTS] Rugged Radios intercom and radio mount for CAN AM x3

    I have a new in package Rugged Radios mount for a Can Am X3 This is the low mount by the start button. It frees up the upper position for a GPS or tablet. https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=736_1205&products_id=2313 $45 picked up. In OC or Havasu. Retails...
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    The Ridge and other "minimalist" style wallet thoughts

    Thinking about trying one of these. Pros, Cons, Thoughts ? I have a smaller bifold wallet now that holds up to 8 cards and bills. I like it, but am wondering about this style that is even more compact.
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    What is the best way to sell a T56 transmission?

    I’m asking for a friend that is trying to sell a rebuilt 0 mile stage 2 built (700 HP rated) T56 6 speed transmission and bell housing for an LS1. It even has a B&M shifter. This is the 4th gen Camaro/Firebird trans and bell housing. Perfect for an engine swap!
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    Trim gauge now reads lower than before - sender moved?

    Last night my trim gauge started reading slightly lower than usual. It used to read full up at the UP line and full down at the DOWN line. It now reads full down just below the DOWN line and won’t reach the full UP line. Trim works just fine. Im assuming the trim sender moved out of...
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    Car chase Channel 5!

    Burglary Suspect, and wanted for assault on an officer!
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    Unfolding now...rental Chaparral hits 27' Ultra @ The Nautical?

    Anyone know the story?
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    Need house to rent in Havasu June 4-June 9

    I have some friends that had their plans change and need a house in Havasu to rent June 4 to June 9. 2 adults, 2 kids, no pets. Good people that will take care of your place. He’s a firefighter and got some time off and their usual place was not available.
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    What member spun out their Daytona in front of me today?

    You know who you are. :)
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    Who’s up for a Havasu night ride Sat May 23rd, Memorial Day Weekend?

    Anyone in for a SXS night ride Sat May 23rd, on Memorial Day weekend starting at 8:30-9PM? Nothing super heavy duty, but a nice off-road cruise and some socializing. Might be that last opportunity we get before the real summer heat! If there is interest I’ll put something together.
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    Havasu - What happened to the surge from all the tourists?

    Just wondering when we will see the surge in cases in Havasu from all the infected tourists that were swarming the town 2 weeks ago? ALAN? Anyone? Sadly, one person between 75 and 85 died yesterday, and one more case was reported for a TOTAL case count of 36 in Havasu. Are we done whining...
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    Screw this Doom and Gloom. COVID avg death age = 80. 47% of deaths in nursing homes.

    Screw all this BS. Tell me why I still need to shelter at home for a virus that has a .5% mortality rate in confirmed cases, and a estimated flu like mortality rate overall, an average age of death at 80 years old, and 47% of those victims are in a nursing home. Someone tell me. I should have...
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    When will YOU feel it is safe again?

    We have people on every level of the spectrum here. From those that think this whole thing is 100% a hoax, to those that want everyone boarded up in their homes for 18 months. I've had a few conversations over PMs with members and would like to start a discussion about what you personally would...
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    Dog people - Is this a thing?

    I don't have a dog. Are dog goggles a thing? Saw this at the Smiths gas station the other day. Me and another guy getting gas were cracking up.