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    cool old biesy

    I don't know. I'm kind of partial to them. The few that there is.
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    Building a one off 21 V-Drive Trailer (Prime Marine)

    Looks bad ass but... My tandem trailer about want to drag a tire off the rim when backing up and making a hard turn. Why did you go with a triple for only a 21' boat?
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    Howard GN 20'

    That is bad ass. Great job.
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    1970 Monza Marine 19 *Cheap*

    I hate doing it but this boat needs to find a home asap. Have another project in the wings and need the space. 1970 Monza Marine, Chrysler 360 (built) and a Volvo 290 (with trim). If you parted the boat out you would get more then I'm asking for it all. The last one (1973 Monza 19')...
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    my first v-drive resto project

    Cant wait to see what you do. Maybe this will give you a little inspiration. http://supernova19.com/Hosting%20stuff/1959%20Biesemeyer.wmv
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    Mike Rowe - Work smart AND hard

    Mike, being a life long Maryland resident has seen first hand how the entitled generation is not the way to go.
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    Fastest way to get through a border patrol checkpoint

    One thing leads to another and another and another ....
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    Hemi under glass at Mecum.

    I had one of their T shirts back in the 70's. OMG I'm old.
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    History made NOW. Car auction.

    Saw that. Still will be going on tomorrow. Don't look like any bargains but they sure are one of a kind finds. The owners of the dealership are in their mid 90's now. Think for the money they are going to make they should have done it years ago and enjoyed the money.
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    Porter Ridge.

    When we were kids building beaters we knew a guy just like him. Junkyard, hillbilly, goofy and never wore a shirt. Even in winter he would have a coat on but no shirt.
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    21 Bahner I/O project...

    Never ends does it. Great thread!
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    Trailer axle I.D. help

    Pretty sure it's original for my 1959 Biese. The only name I've ever herd it referred to is a "jungle gym" trailer.
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    Trailer axle I.D. help

    I've been looking for these 2 spindles for a while now with no luck. Because of the way the fenders attach and how the trailer was built (real low) I would like to keep it the way it is. Any help?
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    1960 biesemeyer

    Thanks It?s 1959 Biesemeyer Wrangler 4pt Hydro drag boat. I?m an east coast guy and found it in the woods of PA. We don?t have many of these ?little boats? over here. Mostly deep V?s so this is whole new world for me. Hell it took weeks just to find out what it was (it was re-titled as a...
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    1960 biesemeyer

    Here is my 59' Biese.
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    Lots of questions about my hydroplane.

    The reason I went with a 3pt instead of a 4pt because that most don?t know what a 4pt is and even fewer have driven one. Thanks for the info.
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    Lots of questions about my hydroplane.

    I hear what you are saying. Just got done moving the motor back toward the transom almost 7"s (and it's not on rails) trying to get the balance a little more the way it should be. Since I've done that driving it has got a lot better and I think the center skid fin is OK for now but I do have a...
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    Hydroplane prop help

    1959 Biesemeyer Wrangler, 4pt hydro. But to keep it simple lets just think of it as a 3pt.
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    Hydroplane prop help

    I?m using a prop (OJ 13X15L) on my hydroplane. Thinking I need something that?s made to run on the surface, a chopper or a one of those 2 blade props. Just starting to look but thought I should ask. Are the pitch numbers the same? Or in other words, if I have a 15P now should I be looking for a...