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  1. dave29

    Bass Lake 1965

    I'm still transferring slides but these are a few from 1965. My dad's boat was a 14' Yellow Jacket with a 75hp Mercury. The hull was made of Birch and the deck was a different wood but beautiful. The shot of the dock was taken from "The Falls". That's his boat tied up to the dock.
  2. dave29

    Name That Bird

    Name that bird.
  3. dave29

    "1917" the movie.

    A must see!!!!!!
  4. dave29

    Winter is Coming

    Woke up this morning to this. It's only October 28 and snow is slowly creeping down to the lower elevations. Wish we could send some moisture to California and the fire areas.
  5. dave29

    RIP Glen Kennedy surfbord shaper

    Glen Kennedy had a massive heart event a few weeks back while on a cruise to Ensenada with his family. He was a well known surfer, shaper and all around great human being. He began shaping in 1972 and had a shop on Ventura Blvd in the West Valley. I surfed C Street and Hollister with him, and...
  6. dave29

    2019 RDP's Official Desert Storm Picture Thread

    Does it exist?? If so, where is it?? Thanks
  7. dave29

    Deep fried catfish

    Just picked up my first deep frier. Going to do a bloomin onion tonight. This weekend, i'd like to try catfish. Anyone have a great catfish recipe to get me started?? Thanks much.
  8. dave29

    2019 Official LA Boat Show Picture Thread

    Where is it? If nowhere, can someone start one??
  9. dave29

    Durango fires, home again

    June 6 at 10pm, we were notified via a Code Red message that we needed to evacuate by 6am the next morning. We were on pre vacuation notice so we already had a few things packed. the day before I moved 3 cars to one friends house and 2 to another. I had to leave a 64 Porsche, GT4, 52 Ford pickup...
  10. dave29

    Prarie Dogs

    Having a Prarie Dog problem. Aside form the usual answer "just shoot them", anyone have any proven method of taking care of these prolific critters?? Thanks
  11. dave29

    Hydrox Cookies

    For those of you that remember and liked Hydrox cookies, they're available again. I found them 2 days ago at Citymarket, a Kroeger store, on sale because they are closing them out. I bought 4 bags and when I got home I checked Amazon. Sure enough, you can get them in a 6 pack of packages...
  12. dave29

    Shout Out for Hawgeyes

    I ran out of Horizon Hawg Rub and had a hard time finding it online. A company named Hawgeyes carries it so I ordered 3 bottles. The package was shipped FEDEX however it was lost after it left the Fedex Kansas City facility. I emailed Hawgeyes last Friday with the issue and asked for their help...
  13. dave29

    Tommy's Chili

    I moved to Colorado 6 years ago and aside from surfing, great boating, car driving seasons, friends etc., there are a few food's now missing from my diet. "Munch Box" on Devonshire in Chatsworth. "In'Out" burger, "Bob's" and last but not least, "Tommy's" chili. I've been researching the internet...
  14. dave29

    Viper ACR's at Nurburgring

    For those of you who love American Muscle. there are 2 Viper ACR's at the Ring trying to set a new production car track record. The effort is totally funded by fans and owners of the Viper, There are a few in kind sponsors like Kuhmo tires. The Go Fund Me raised $177,600 on a $159K ask. They've...
  15. dave29

    DS Pictures

    Did I somehow miss all the 2016 DS pictures???? Thanks
  16. dave29

    2010 HD Screaming Eagle Streetglide

    2010 CVO Streetglide. 1315 total miles. Candy Concord. Factory extended warranty until 2/2017. Fulsac mufflers with factory catless pipe. Color matched factory lowers. Single seat and stock seat. Rear rack. Halogen headlight, XIED, V&H Throttle management, Clearview tinted windshield. Just put a...
  17. dave29

    Another Prime Rib Cooking Variation

    Cooked a 5 lb boneless prime rib yesterday. I thought i'd try a different cooking recipe so I went online and looked at a few. The one I selected was as follows: The night before cooking let the prime rib set in your fridge uncovered. Day of, pull from fridge and let prime rib rest on a...
  18. dave29

    My Viper ACR arrived

    JUst picked it op last Wed. Has been on order since August. Break in period is 1500 miles so it's going to be tough keeping Mr. Foot out of it.
  19. dave29


    Just read about a Bourbon rated 98 points that supposedly is tastier than Pappy. It's called "Black Maple Hill 21". Anyone tried it? Anyone know where to get a bottle? Everywhere I looked online, backordered. Thanks dave29
  20. dave29

    M29 for sale

    Self plugging here. Hope that's ok. My M29 in classified section. Thanks