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  1. stupidbaker57

    power or manual steering

    Ok, so I bit the bullet and cut out the transon for the alpha one inch higher. I'll be mocking up the engine next to built the engine mount pads. My question is,,,,should I run power steering or manual? I hope to be running in the 70's. The boat is a 16 foot Carlson CVX that was an outboard...
  2. stupidbaker57

    installing stern drive in an outboard boat

    I've started a new project (I get bored easy). I want to put in an alpha drive in a 16 foot Carlson cvx. I have the boat all carved up and redesigned and while it's at this point, I'd like to know how high to mount the drive. I know that the cav plate should be at the bottom edge of the...
  3. stupidbaker57

    Is this all she's got?

    Well I finally had a calm day and a chance to get the flatty to fly. I got 65.1 MPH at 4500 RPM's. I'm running a 12 degree shaft with 15 gears spinning a 12/16 3 blade. When I was running a 12/14 3 blader, I got 50 at 5000. Is it possible to get more out of her? Change prop, cut prop...
  4. stupidbaker57

    pictures are better than words

  5. stupidbaker57

    carb goes dry

    Well I have got the boat in the water after a total rebuild of engine and boat. Now for the sea trails. The original carb (Holley 750 mech sec,) wouldn't let the engine idle, it would run lean. I borrowed a 750 Demon from my son and now the boat idles and ran nice for the first 3 or 4 miles...
  6. stupidbaker57

    rayson craft almost ready to get wet!!!

    Finally got the engine block and heads back from the machine shop and I've been working on getting this monster ready for July 4. The plumbing, and wiring is next, then the seats. All this so far adds up to $4200.
  7. stupidbaker57

    Progress on the Rayson craft

    I'm getting there. The deck has been painted with faux mahogany finish. Next I'll be laying down some rolex gold flake where the yellow paint is now. It should be on the trailer next week waiting for the engine
  8. stupidbaker57

    Shopping for a prop

    I was checking at a local marine propeller shop about getting a prop when I'm ready. They suggested that I go with a Michigan or Acme nibral prop. I wondered if the nibral prop can survive the 6000 rpms. I was told yes,,,,,but they sell nibral not SS. What is the best way to go?
  9. stupidbaker57

    Engine placement

    I have an 18 ft Rayson flatbottom that I am restoring. The engine has been changed from what ever it was to a 383 chrysler. The stringers were rotted and swiss cheesed from all the different holes that weren't being used for years and have been replaced. I will be putting the engine in soon...
  10. stupidbaker57

    [WTS] 100 mph speedometer

    I have a 100 mph speedo. Black face chrome bezel. Don't know if it works since it wasn't hooked up when I ran the boat prior to restoring. Make me an offer.
  11. stupidbaker57

    Casale cable drive tach, cable, and drive

    I'm removing the tach and drive from my Rayson and changing over to electric tach. I have a tach (which is stuck at 5000 rpms) a cable and the drive. I also have the bearing cap for the drive, but will need a non-tach bearing plate in return. Make me an offer.
  12. stupidbaker57

    fuel tanks

    I'mgetting ready for gas tanks and would like to know how many gallons would be needed. The engine is a BB chrysler runnig about 525 hp with 15 gears. I'm going to use it for skiing and cruising with a blast of speed from time to time. How many gallons would be a good amount for a days use...
  13. stupidbaker57

    Stringer choise

    I'll be replacing the stringers in my Rayson soon and was interested in knowing what would a good material be. I can get old growth, knot free spruce. Would this be good or is there other choises? I don't want to do the "sea cast resin" way.
  14. stupidbaker57

    flipping a boat

    NO, not that way,,,,,, In a few months I'll be pulling the engine and drive out for a rebuild,and the hull for a make over. I can do the top while it's on the trailer, but what ways are there to flip the boat over to do the bottom and sides. I was thinking off a lot of strong friends and...
  15. stupidbaker57

    fuel tanks

    I have a 18ft J rayson craft with glassed in tanks that have to go. Who would have a tank that could fit. Moeller tanks are close but still too big to fit. My other alterative is to go with a 13 gallon "moon" style tank across the rear. Suggestions?
  16. stupidbaker57

    18ft rayson craft

    I just bought a barn fresh rayson 18 footer with a chrysler 440. I counted out the v drive ratio. I think they're 15's. The engine turns 10 and the prop turns 11 1/2 . The prop is a 12d 14p bronze 3 blade. I had it running kinda. It needs some work but I had it up to 50. I was told that...
  17. stupidbaker57

    I need paperwork

    I bought a 18ft 1970 Rayson craft. The guy I got it from never registered it and the previous owner is nowhere to be found. The boat needs a total restoration, but is complete and runs well. I want to return this boat to service, but can't title the boat. (my state titles all boats 14ft and...