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  1. white tortilla

    [WTS] 1989 Kawasaki KX 500

    Bump! Raining tomorrow! Ride sunday
  2. white tortilla

    Faster With Finnegan...

    *grads! Not Grady. My name is Grady I know mike. No negativity from me but I’m a jet boat guy.
  3. white tortilla

    Grads for moderator

    If he wants it so bad, I propose you make Grads moderator under the condition that his posts moving forward can only be boating/boating lifestyle related, nothing politically based. He mods based on your rules that are set up. If he comments on/ starts any political threads/discussions he is...
  4. white tortilla

    Awesome town, USA - School me

    Lived here my whole life. It was a lot better twenty years ago. More small business people and voted red. It’s still a nice place to live but the dynamics have changed. Traffic in town is horrendous compared to what it used to be.
  5. white tortilla

    Water ski info, wanna get back up.

    I had the big daddy it was squirly as shit. Probably easy to get up on but thats about all it was good for. Gave it to Cambell Carl a while back. I’d suggest getting the special gloves that act like a weight lifting wrist wrap. They take all the pressure off of fingers. Google “water ski glove...
  6. white tortilla

    First guy to jump off rail road bridge below Parker dam.

    Most likely mid-late 1920s. He worked his way with odd jobs from Oaklahoma to LA after running away from home at 13 around 1917. Delivered ice in Phoenix for a while. Then worked on road crew as dynamite guy. Built road from Phoenix to parker, I believe stayed in parker for a little bit and...
  7. white tortilla

    First guy to jump off rail road bridge below Parker dam.

    Was it my great grandfather? Found a pic of him on top, and a couple in front of it. Parker OG
  8. white tortilla

    COSTCO Concierge vs LG 65" OLED FYI:

    I had similar a horrible experience with Best Buy with a large flatscreen last year. I bought a 75” Samsung, brought it home, hung it up, turned it on, 10% of left side was black. Box it up, take it back next day less then 18 hrs from purchase. They say well we don’t know it wasn’t damaged by...
  9. white tortilla

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    RDP breaking the news.
  10. white tortilla

    [WTS] 1989 Kawasaki KX 500

    I had two sold them both last week 😭
  11. white tortilla

    Hallett 210

    Badass boat bump
  12. white tortilla

    [WTS] 2017 Harley Davidson FXDLS Dyna Low Rider S

    2017 Harley Davidson FXDLS Low Rider S This bike is almost new. Only 3500 miles on it. I bought but have taken on too much of a workload to enjoy. It has Lucky Dave’s seat, Ohlins rear shocks, Memphis shades road warrior fairing, Bassani stainless steel exhaust, 8” rise one piece bars, extended...
  13. white tortilla

    [WTS] 1989 Kawasaki KX 500

    Looking to sell my almost perfect KX500. I have had it for about a year. I bought it from an old vintage racer last year. he went through the ENTIRE BIKE. Frame off restoration. Every part is new or refinished. Brand new wheel set. All new plastics. It has 2002 RMZ upside down fork upgrade. It...
  14. white tortilla

    [WTS] 2019 Husqvarna TX 300

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2019 Husqvarna TX 300 . Bike has 30 hours on it total. Maintained great. Going different direction. This is my third 300 they are insanely fun bikes. This is the last model ever made with carbureator. I installed the Lectron carb from Slavens racing, it runs perfect, no...
  15. white tortilla

    Phoenix rental market

    Not particularly. But I have been lucky it has had a couple people I knew that were going to ASU rent it, and typically I would aim for more a graduate student or young professional. I know I can’t discriminate but if it was Brad/Chad/Kyle all 20 yo trying to co-sign and lease I’d probably make...
  16. white tortilla

    Phoenix rental market

    Casey Moore’s was definitely the first stop on way home from class on Friday.
  17. white tortilla

    Phoenix rental market

    I have a rental about 3 blocks from ASU main campus in Tempe. Bought in 2010 for the price of a new Suburban and fixed it up and lived in it while I went to ASU. It’s doubled in value since then so looking at current value I was able to go to school and board for free. Now it rents for $1500 a...
  18. white tortilla

    Tesla or Prius drivers, whats worse?

    Let’s add the Volt to the list. Saw this last night.
  19. white tortilla

    Tesla or Prius drivers, whats worse?

    I notice this a lot on the way to the river from LA the Tesla’s are cruising in the slow lane doing 65ish while flow of traffic is 70-75 in fast lane. I’m assuming they must be trying to stretch their battery life across the desert. Seems super inconvenient.