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  1. Tank

    Vanessa Bryant files wrongful death suit against helicopter operator in Kobe Bryant crash

    I only recently realized the company that flew the helicopter is the same company that runs transportation to Catalina island (island express). We’ve flown with them countless times. It appears they shut everything down upon the crash. They were in biz a long time.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

  3. Tank

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Hot laps on the beach
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    To the LEO on here

    It’s a very grey area and somewhat of a loophole in the law. There is a section for vehicle tampering but there’s specific Elements that have to be met and most DA’s and defense attorneys feel it needs to meet the criteria of breaking something on the car while tampering. Also, the jury...
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    Tin Star

    Yep, I knew about the Shawshank short story. Stand By Me too. Crazy how much stuff he's written.
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    Tin Star

    Never read the book myself but the show is spectacular. The way they build the tension and make it creepy with out it being horror/scary is awesome. I'm a big Jason Bateman fan too. Don't think I've ever seen him in anything I didn't like. He's great in Ozark too
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    This thing looks fun!

    Water limo!? Keep that at the Marina in-water all year round. I think its a weeeeeee bit overpriced at 25k however.
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    Tin Star

    My bad, he was on an episode of The Travelers (Good Sci-Fi Show). Only 3 seasons and it ended. But DAAAAAAAYUM I love me some Outsder....You watching it? I got everyone in my office watching it. Everyone digs it.
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    Free Havasu Time Share

    The LBR "free" deal actually sounds pretty good. What's the catch? Rooms average there $250 a night at least right? So you're getting half off for a weeks stay plus I'm positive you get other bennies with "ownership" like free dock and what not. Can someone explain to me why no one is jumping on...
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    Tin Star

    I kinda remember the preview for it a year or so ago. Haven’t seen it. Might have to check it out. Tim Roth always gives a good performance. And that bald oil company guy is the sweed from hell on wheels! He was also just in an episode of The Outsider.
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    Tim McDonald

    There’s laundry list. Those guys in Miami that were doing yachts and a show was done about them a few years ago too. Anywhere where there’s big money trading hands and a little bit of trust this shits gonna happen.
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    When will it stop?

    JEBUS!! 😲 😲 😲
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    OuterLimits at the Miami Boatshow!

    Matt's a good guy. Glad he's getting back on the water while the Skater fiasco is worked out. And to be getting back on the water in that focker is doing it in STYLE! You guys will DOMINATE the bay in that bitch!! Also happy he passed on American Bad Ass 😳 Sorry to see that it's in the shape...
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    OuterLimits at the Miami Boatshow!

    Great video. Dan's an interesting guy. Been around boats (and boating forums) since he was a little kid. Dad has had some nice Fountains, Cigarettes and Sutphens. Dan literally walked into the Outerlimits factory as a kid oogling the boats and struck up a conversation with Mike Fiore (founder /...
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    Putting the Party bus to work - The Producers Tour

    I agree. Always like to see Dave and Stacy hustlin' (and I mean that in a good way). They're making shit happen, always coming up with cool new angles.
  16. Tank

    Putting the Party bus to work - The Producers Tour

    For the record. I love the real estate threads. For someone, like myself, that boats, has family in Havasu and would eventually like to buy a place out there, it's nice to see the market at a glance and whats going on. Also, that listing you guys have of the huge house is just stunning. I love...
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    Best kids quad to get?

    Admittedly so, I just didn't use them enough to justify them.
  18. Tank

    Inside the Cafe / Gas Station At Desert Center

    You ever watch "the long way around" with Ewen McGregor? Great mini series. Reminds me of the Itchy Boots videos.
  19. Tank

    Anyone ever have a business refuse to give

    Funny because in Ca. by Ca. law, that is established with the vehicle owners signature on an estimation quote, is a binding contract that protects the business, not the customer and is the contract that allows said mechanic to keep your vehicle if there is a dispute over the bill!! Most don't...
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    Inside the Cafe / Gas Station At Desert Center

    Very White Stripes, Wolfmother sounding. Def got Zep who influenced 'em all. I've ridden street bikes, harleys, dirt bikes, quads, basically anything that has a motor since I was 10 and Is it just me or do female MC riders always look just hair hesitant and sketchy riding? I don't think I've...