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  1. 76 Hondo

    Your first boat.....

    My first boat 76 Hondo T-Deck jet boat, new in ‘78. Still have it!
  2. 76 Hondo

    Real Estate Appreciation

    I worked for Signal Landmark back then! If you are at 1.2 above sea level you are sitting high, the lots off of Springdale and Talbert are .0 to .4 above sea level! Reclaimed all the old salt marsh and oil field property.
  3. 76 Hondo

    The Stateline thread

    That wind was crazy up there on the platform for the tram, thought that overhead was coming down. Daughter and SIL has a suite at Vdara and we were at Park MGM!
  4. 76 Hondo

    RDP is looking to hire someone for the store front

    When will the store be restocked? Came by last Saturday looking for hats and maybe a shirt. Not much selection, she said you sold a lot at the Boat Show, be back in town in 2 weeks
  5. 76 Hondo

    About Grads last nite... short story...

    My life is a lot better, I’ve had G..d. on ignore for over a year!
  6. 76 Hondo

    Lake Mead water level

    Ye yeah in the 70’s used to primitive camp at Overton for a week or two, always the best skiing up the Virgin River, sometimes you could look down and see the tops of trees!
  7. 76 Hondo

    To the Good Samaritan

    That’s great news, but only in AZ? There are good people everywhere and bad everywhere,!
  8. 76 Hondo

    Lake Mead water level

    Let me know when I can go back to the Overton Arm!!
  9. 76 Hondo

    1966 Pontiac GTO

    One went through BJ ‘s the other night brought $160,000.
  10. 76 Hondo

    Quality Marine

    Quality Marine anybody use them? Asking because I used them for service and they moved they boat around for the new canvas and for some trailer repairs. Bottom line I thought these guys were great, just don’t hear any talk about them on here. Last year took the boat somewhere else and alarms...
  11. 76 Hondo

    Ca Real ID or just renew DL??

    Just got the real ID 3 weeks ago need to renew, we are lower River people so we hit the road Friday at noon pulled into the DMV at Blythe at 4:00 out and done at 4:35, with written test, eye test, filled out the application on line. Just make sure you have all the required documentation!
  12. 76 Hondo

    Flu shots - Yes or No

    Never have the shot, never had the flu, but some of the crap going around has me rethinking things?
  13. 76 Hondo

    Good morning inmates

    Well that’s going to keep me awake the rest of the night, Good Morning
  14. 76 Hondo

    So Who's Going to be Up All Night?

    I’m up with you, nobody stirring outside my house So. County is sleeping except me!
  15. 76 Hondo

    12 Noon Monday 1/6 Blimp

    Saw it following I10 at Chiriaco yesterday about 1:00PM!
  16. 76 Hondo

    "I ain't cookin' you breakfast buddie" - COSTCO Food samples

    My Wife and Kids won’t go to Costco with me,” Grazers move aside Shopper coming through”
  17. 76 Hondo

    Good morning inmates

    Good morning all, first River trip of the year this weekend!
  18. 76 Hondo

    Good morning & Happy New Year inmates

    Good morning, Happy New Year! Great work RR.
  19. 76 Hondo

    When did Ford use this logo?

    Took me a while to find it, 1960 Falcon
  20. 76 Hondo

    Best present from the wife

    Better yet, my wife buys herself something for Christmas wraps it, and guess who’s surprised, just have to pay the CC!