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    can am vs rzr

    Visibility and seat placement/angle
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    can am vs rzr

    I have a canam and like it a lot, but think if I were to do it again I’d get a RZR
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    Mohave Powersports question

    Listen fuckers the off road side isn’t the same as the marine side 🤪
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    1997 Chevy Dually

    Nice truck!
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    Havasu Peeps

    C come by the granite shop. We’ve got some work for you 😁
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    Before and After

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    Mohave Powersports question

    You’ll be ok with basics services there 👍🏻
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    Happy Birthday Ricky!!

    Viva la Cuba 🇨🇺
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    Putting the Party bus to work - The Producers Tour

    We did the kitchen counters in this one. Nice house in a great area.l for sure!
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    Anyone ever have a business refuse to give

    Ok! Ok! Send me your email and I’ll send an invoice 😁
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    Awesome town, USA - School me

    We lived down sand canyon when in high skool and I turned out fine 🤪
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    Straight Up Bullhead

    She’s old news 🤪
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    Where to get River Dave Shirt

    9.5 years later 😂
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    Missing Idaho Teens

    I’ve been watching. Crazy story for sure. I assume it’s only a matter of time before they make a show/movie out of it.
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    Work pics - Germany

    I always enjoy your work pics 👍🏻
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    No Shoes, No Shirt... No Service?

    What’s the problem?
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    Havasu Plumber

    JDUVA is reasonable