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  1. Bullhead bully

    The Outboard Church

    Going through pictures this morning. Came across some good old material.
  2. Bullhead bully

    The Outboard Church

    The noise on my 2015 28 Nordic when I had the 300s on it after I did the kit made me repower to 400s. Couldn’t stand it. I took a boat that my wife loved and made her hate it immediately. Until I put the 400s on. So loud and I think I might’ve actually lost some power.
  3. Bullhead bully

    The Outboard Church

    Yes , ran it the other day. Love the boat so comfortable in every way. Ran the 28SS and Pontoons as well.
  4. Bullhead bully

    The Outboard Church

    I‘ve been slacking on the pictures. But not on the boating. Ran 4 days in a row. Unreal weather Friday through today. I
  5. Bullhead bully

    River water level

    About 6 hours
  6. Bullhead bully

    River water level

    Earlier in the week water levels were pretty good. That’s why the lake has gone up about a foot since last weekend. However now the river is pretty damn low. You’d have a hard time getting out of the channel at Moabi. And Jack Smith‘s going to be pretty tight as well. Once you’re in the river...
  7. Bullhead bully

    Ontario to Havasu

    I have three boxes of furniture that need to make their way from the 15 and Jurupa to Havasu whenever possible. Longest box is 72 inches long. anyone headed that way I would be happy to deliver it anywhere in the inland empire to get it out there if possible sooner than later. Trying to keep...
  8. Bullhead bully

    Finance or buy it?

    I never liked financing toys. It just feels so much better not paying monthly for something that sits A lot.
  9. Bullhead bully

    Camel toe Tuesday...do I dare go there?

    Love this thread !!!
  10. Bullhead bully

    2017 Southbay 25 350 Verado

    Wife told me NOT to sell it for now. (She loves it ) When I can convince her we don’t need 2 I’ll let you guys know.
  11. Bullhead bully

    Damn Dam Run 2020

    Does it have to be a boat ? I can be the photo plane ?
  12. Bullhead bully

    De Niro's wife had enough of his tirades?!

    Yeah he deserves whatever is coming to him. Dirt bag piece of shit
  13. Bullhead bully

    C8 Corvette - updated info

    Thanks for putting that together. Really appreciate it
  14. Bullhead bully

    The Birth of a New DCB Model - M37R

    Very nice !!! More Outboard dominance. Just as we’ve seen coming for many years. People that are new to Boating just don’t understand. And that’s OK they’re new. The Outboard church is always open to welcome them when they’re ready. And they will transition !!! It’s amazing how few used...
  15. Bullhead bully

    SxS tires. Opinions?

    Rocky on the turbo X3 Crawlers on the non turbo 1000 RZR
  16. Bullhead bully

    SxS tires. Opinions?

    I run MRT tires on my cars and love them ! Lasting great . Kevlar light weight and super tough. Run great on the pavement considering the aggressive tread. They hold up great in our rocky havasu terrain. A friend recommended them and I’m not disappointed
  17. Bullhead bully

    Bunker Busy Bar

    Havasu needed a destination not to far away. I think they’ll do well !!! Seemed packed every day since they opened.
  18. Bullhead bully

    Nordic 31 True Tunnel!

    Lol :D
  19. Bullhead bully

    Nordic 31 True Tunnel!

    I saw it in the water on the first day in....looked really nice and I guess it ran very good as well. I’ll let Nordic reveal the water pictures and numbers. It’s not my boat so I’ll stay a spectator.
  20. Bullhead bully

    The Outboard Church

    Happy new year Rob, after I go flying this morning I will be boating and off roading as well !