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    To the LEO on here

    River God Giveth.... Always nervous after finding something on or in the river. BTW, WYZE should be releasing their outdoor version of their camera soon. Been running their indoor cams since they came out. Many outdoors and they all are still working. Best bang for the security cam buck.
  2. Echo Lodge

    SCE Rate Increase Coming!

    Why is SCE requesting this rate increase? SCE delivers your electricity. Every four years, SCE must file what is known as a “General Rate Case” (GRC) application with the CPUC. GRCs set rates that customers pay to fund SCE’s day-to-day operations, including maintenance for its equipment and...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

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    Idaho Vehicle Registration Question

    Yes, its a KTM 500 exc. Reg for 2 years in CA. Owner did not register it past 2 years. Daughter recently moved to ID and I was going to use her address. Might just register it in AZ like I did my old school Rhino in 2007.
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    Idaho Vehicle Registration Question

  6. Echo Lodge

    Idaho Vehicle Registration Question

    If one was to purchase a used motorcycle in CA that hasn't been registered in 2 years and register it in ID, would there be any issues? ID doesn't care about current CA registration do they?
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    Do yourself a favor, buy your wife a InstaPot

    Better than a Peloton!
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    Drones.... skool me

    Arrived tonight!:D
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    Palomar install...

    Year-to-date charges: -$407.30 Settled at end of 12-month billing period (on or about 04/15/20) Future proof your SCE bill!
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    Lake powell questions

    Jacuzzi on top deck!
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    Lake powell questions

    Sandstone.... I have a keel guard. It took a beating.... Learned my lesson... Patched the dime size hole in the guard with 3M 5200! It was pretty drunk out that day! Good obs! Boat was there for an hour. I moor the boat on the house boat tie off ropes like in my pic above.
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    Lake powell questions

    This spot was at the mouth of our cove! A houseboat was parked here earlier staking in (illegal but everyone does it)! https://www.nps.gov/glca/learn/news/houseboat-staking.htm
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    Lake powell questions

    Spot from last year! For the past decade we camp in Last Chance. We have always found a spot no matter what the water level has been. Last chance is about 4 hour motor from Wahweap in the house boat. We send a scout ahead to find a beach head. Once parked we stay put for the week as...
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    Electric trailer dollie

    https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/irvine-travel-valet-xl-portable-trailer/7067872581.html https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/tro/d/burbank-trailer-valet-xl-trailer-dolly/7067359303.html
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    WTF.. guy kills his boss

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    Sleep Number

    Went through the mattress replacement ordeal a few years ago. Tried the Sleep Number. Didn't care for it. Felt like I was sleeping on an air mattress. Company sent me out a foam topper but I still didn't like it. There is a foam divider in the middle of the two air mattresses so if you roll...
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    Lake powell questions

    Been going with the same family for over a decade. Good people is the key to a good trip!
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    Big Bend, Formally Buckskin Restaurant

    CRA has dumped a ton of improvements into BB. Yet us poor folks at Echo still have the worse launch ramp on the Strip.:mad: Guess we will have to wait till new owners take over is 2023? "The park is on a favorable 28 year BLM ground lease that was renewed Jan 1 1994 and will renew again on...
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    Rigid core vinyl flooring

    Good question!