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  1. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Isn't it that time? Who's coming to Desert Storm 2020??

    Taking the old man, and can’t wait. Boatless, but it’ll be fun to get away from work for a long weekend.
  2. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Tsa approved handgun cases.

    This is correct. I store mine in the plastic containers that hold 100 rounds each. Very convenient.
  3. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Coronavirus prep

    Sometimes you have to thin the heard of the weak for the strong to flourish... it is what it is. Personally, I'd like to have a disease that gets rid of people with lower intelligence, but I don't think that's ever coming.
  4. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Pet peeve’s

    I don't know why, but one of mine is when a fast-food person asks me how many hot sauces I want. Just give me a freaking handful. Am I really supposed to answer with 5? 6? 24? WTF. It's clearly stupid, and I realize it, but it frustrates the hell out of me.
  5. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Car duster & cover ????

    If your truck is nice, there is no way in hell I'd let a duster touch it. Recipe for scratches.
  6. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Finance or buy it?

    My general rule is to pay for toys in cash, unless I can segregate that amount in cash and earn more than the interest being paid, while being conservative. If something goes sideways, I can pull the cash and pay the note, but it is always "spent" at the time of purchase.
  7. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Pepper Spray

    I was told by my Sherrif buddy to get Sabre Red gel, so I gave my wife one for her purse and one for her running pack. $15 on Amazon
  8. Xtrmwakeboarder

    My Cousin's Daughter Just Received her Appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point and Congressional Nomination.

    Outstanding! My primary firearms instructor just sent his daughter to West Point. One of my favorite bosses was a West Point grad who was a Jag lawyer. Very successful after his service. Bright future ahead for that girl.
  9. Xtrmwakeboarder

    So what you drive does matter

    Had a vendor that would drop off IT hardware in his company van, and his license plate was something to the effect of FREECDY. Cracked me up every time.
  10. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Intense Police shootout, suspect has rifle

    Perfect. Thanks!
  11. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Intense Police shootout, suspect has rifle

    Did they get the guy that shot him?
  12. Xtrmwakeboarder

    I wonder how this guy ended up on FBI 10 most wanted but Tim McDonald didn’t

    LOL first thing I thought..37 going on 57
  13. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Laser trainers

    Many of the guys I train with don't like the lasers because you take the focus off your sights to see the laser hit. Not sure if that matters much, but I bought a Mantis X10 and love it. Tracks everything from trigger pull to draw speed live/dry. It's an awesome toy.
  14. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Tsa approved handgun cases.

    As a storage container at home? I'm not sure. I only use it for transport to/from the range and for flying.
  15. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Crazy new truck prices

    I’m with you on buying with a deep discount. Other dealers are selling at invoice out of state so I’ll have to figure out what issues I’ll have bringing a truck into CA. The V8 may not be coming, but the rear coil Raptor is coming. The mules are out testing, and I’m guessing that will drive the...
  16. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Crazy new truck prices

    Lol I just drove a raptor today to cross shop against a tremor. I chuckled when they had like 7 raptors on the lot and wanted $10k over sticker. If I go Raptor I won’t be shopping in OC.
  17. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Wrangler and Gladiator new Mojave Edition

    That thing is bad ass. I think they look goofy stock, but it’s a whole different level of cool when they get 37s and look proportional.
  18. Xtrmwakeboarder

    2021 Cadillac Escalade revealed - Are you buying?

    I like the fact that it has less chrome, the big screen, which reminds me of the E class, and I think it’ll have super cruise. If I could afford it, I’d definitely run it.
  19. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Kids Trust Funds. Are you and how you doing it?

    IF I ever have kids, the plan is to pay for education, and that's it. My parents invested in my education until 8th grade, and then the tap ran dry. I would have loved to continue with sports and enjoyed HS and College to the full extent, but I, like many others, had to get to work. 2 jobs in...
  20. Xtrmwakeboarder

    Hard Rock Las Vegas. Kind of Sad

    Flame tats? What flame tats? Didn't even see a guy in that picture....